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Spanish and English

Here are some findings in Spanish. I sincerely thank the owners of blogs that have contributed to this site

Elvis´Favorite Gospel Songs





A punk Elvis tribute

password : pepeck


Marco Tribute Vol.7

Que puedo decir acerca de Marco? El mejor Tributo a Elvis en toda América Latina,
la mejor voz del mundo en 1995, uno de los mejores coleccionistas de  material inedito y exclusivo del Rey. Marco Sanchez de Colombia; Una gran persona, lo conocí primeramente por los Albums que he estado adquiriendo; que mas puedo decir!!!! Este disco ya lo tenia desde hace tiempo arriba pero aun no quería postearlo; ya que quería contar con el permiso del propio Marco y pues accedió a mi capricho y pues ya lo tenéis para descargar. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!

01. A Little Less Conversation / 02. America / 03. Don’t Cry Daddy / 04. Blue Suede Shoes / 05. Hurt / 06. Green, Green Grass Of Home / 07. Hurt (Alternate Take) / 08. Little Darlin’ / 09. The Wonder Of You / 10 . If You Love Me (Let Me Know) / 11. I’ll Never Falling In Love Again / 12. See See Rider / 13. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry / 14. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me / 15 . See See Rider / 16. Blue Suede Shoes / 17. Welcome To My World / 18. Love Me / 19. Medley / 20. Can’t Help Falling In Love





The Golden Memories of Elvis




All the king’s men

(from Elvis Ñ)

Inusual CD tributo ya que no contiene ninguna cancion de Elvis sino temas de gente que admiraba al rey o trabajaba con el. (Ojo con Bill Black Combo). Scotty Moore y DJ Fontana planearon originalmente que All the King’s Men sea realmente eso, un cocktail de subditos, musicalmente hablando, aquello que de alguna manera continuaron el estilo de Elvis.



Swing Cats – A Special Tribute to Elvis

Swing Cats – A Special Tribute to Elvis
Password: dg1939


A small preview of context, the best voice singer 1995, includes four tracks recorded in Spanish during the late 80 s. We anxiously await the full album with these wonderful rock and roll immortals in your language by paying a respectful tribute to the King Elvis


I’m Damned – Tribute to Elvis

Vampira with Satan’s Cheerleaders – I’m Damned

I’m Damned / Tribute to Elvis


Elvis Duets

CD 1

CD 2The Jordanaires – Spirituals en Swing

The very best of JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet

It’s now or never

This CD is a real comeback for Robert. This combination was always best for Robert, and the Jordanaires give it a true Elvis feel. His best record in Decades.

Robert Gordon and Chris Speeding – It’s now or never

The last temptation of Elvis




















More here include the most significant of impersonators to download




produced for Sun Records by JRecorded between 1972 and 1982.



Sings The Best Of Elvis

Dave Nelson 1975



Ral Donner

1.- Ral Donner-The Presley sound of Part.1


2.-Ral Donner-The Presley sound of Part.2





DESCARGAR: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WO8ULA8G
DESCARGAR DEE JAMES http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QZM3Z676


DESCARGAR: VINCE EAGER : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W13O426J


All Shook Up – A Reggae Tribute To The King Descargar aquí:http://rs567.rapidshare.com/files/158869981/VV_AA_-_All_Shook_Up_-_A_Reggae_Tribute_to_the_King.rar


August 1978- Various elvis tributes




DESCARGAR peter willcox: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J9A45CB0


ONDA 4 CHANNNEL (VENEZUELADESCARGAR onda 4 chanel: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M32UAY2Q


DESCARGAR MEMPHIS KING: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IX5BQEH7


DESCARGAR LEE JACKSON: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GHJDUYHP

DESCARGAR JIMMY ELLIS IS ORION: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F724OXUA

DANNY MIRROR (Netherlands)



DESCARGAR DOUGLAS ROY:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1KDFIA3K




DESCARGAR WERNER MULLER:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K4DZ0U1Y

Descarga- en Español
Episodio 1, My Happiness
Episodio 2, That’s all Right mama
Episodio 3, Good Rockin’ Tonight
Episodio 4, Trying to get you
Episodio 5, Money Honey
Episodio 6, I’ve got a woman
Episodio 7, So glad you’re mine
Episodio 8, Blue moon of Kentucky
Episodio 9, Crisis
Episodio 10, Tweedle dee
Episodio 11, Just because
Episodio 12, Mules
Episodio 13, Let it burn!

Terry Mike Jeffrey – Raised On Elvis Vol.6


01 – Negro es negro, Rey criollo, Muevanse todos, El rock de la carcel.
02 – Nena no me importa, Tratame bien y Ahora o nunca.
03 – Avientense todos, Pólvora, Popotitos y Presumida.
04 – Perro callejero, No seas cruel, Osito teddy y Estremecete.
05 – Chica alborotada, Confidente de segundaria, Buen rock esta noche.
06 – Susy Q., Memphis y Musica de Rock and Roll.
07 – Al compas del reloj, Rip it up, La marcha de los santos, Nos vemos cocodrillo y Lucila.





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It is clear that shows a picture of imitators, who are professional tax, are artists devoted to the music and the arts.

Apparently the first Elvis impersonator was Jim Smith of Canada, despite not having many musical talents, the only attitude made him a symbol of the early contenders for the throne of rock and roll.

Jim Smith, age 16, at CHEK TV Studio, Victoria, 1956

It is clear that shows a picture of imitators, who are professional tax, are artists devoted to the music and the arts.

Apparently the first Elvis impersonator was Jim Smith of Canada, despite not having many musical talents, the only attitude made him a symbol of the early contenders for the throne of rock and roll.

CHEK-TV, Victoria, BC, Canada, 1956

News Story , December 9, 1957

Another Elvis impersonator Johnny Elvis Foster emphasized was popularized after the disappearance of Elvis performing at the Hotel Dumes

Johnny Elvis Foster was born in St. Louis Mo.

At the age of 11 everyone knew he was gonna be somebody! between school and chores he found time to sing at local Talent Shows and Fairs.(which of course he sang nothing but Elvis)

By the time he was in his 20’s he was being booked at places like, the Hilton, Statches Lounge, and Stan Musual and biggy’s ( just to name a few). He Toured through East St Louis, Arkansas, Memphis, Georgia and most of the South.

When Elvis Passed away, Johnny was on stage at the Hilton and got the terrible news from his Mother.

About a month after Elvis’ passing , Johnny Elvis got a call from the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas asking if he would perform in the main showroom 5 nights a week for 16 weeks. when the contract was up Johnny Elvis went straight to the Mint Hotel to perform 4 weeks straight. after this Johnny Elvis and his band went on tour over seas. Germany, Paris, Holland and London. After he and his band got back he toured most of the U.S.A.

Johnny Elvis now resides in Southern California at his well known home “Melody Land”






The first impersonators are globally considered the most professional and more demanding in their performance without discredit new talent coming into the world ETA

Travis LeDoyt

Travis LeDoyt - click for a bigger picProbably the best 50’s Elvis impersonator/tribute artist I have seen! He looks a lot like a young Elvis Presley, and sounds very good! Travis was borned in 1977 (the same year as me). He performs a historic concert tribute with his band, “Tales From The Heartbreak Hotel”, specializing in the 1954-1959 years of Elvis career. I watched a re-creation (as a play act on stage) of the movie “King Creole” starring Travis (on video), and I thought he did an amazing job, sounding, talking, moving and looking like Elvis.

  • www.travisledoyt.com (official site)
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Travis_LeDoyt/index.htm
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/travisledoyt
  • www.geocities.com/rabfan/moretrav.html

  • Rio – the Voice of Elvis

    My favorite Elvis sound-alike artist (along with Jimmy Ellis)! Rio, from Germany have one of the best Elvis 70’s voices in Europe and the world. He has been voted the best Elvis impersonator in Europe, a nd released several CD’s, including “Goes Country”, “Live” and “The One And Only Day – Christmas”. I have all albums mentioned above, and I especially like Rio’s version of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Please Come To Boston”. My good Internet friend, Jim Vanhollebeke, reviewed 2 of Rio’s CD’s. You can read the reviews here.

  • www.riothevoiceofelvis.de

  • Jimmy Ellis

    Orion - Jimmy EllisJimmy was, and still is, one of my favorite Elvis sound-alikes. I really like the way he sings songs that Elvis never recorded in versions that still sound a lot like Elvis. Please visit my own Jimmy Ellis page for information and links.
    Sound sample Jimmy Ellis – At This Moment (RealAudio)

  • My Jimmy Ellis page

  • Tony Roi

    Tony RoiA great tribute artist and also a great ballad singer. Tony has been in “The Legends In Concert” and also made a couple of TV appearances (“All My Children”, “David Letterman” (3 times), “Regis and Kathi Lee”, “NBC Today”, “Atlantic City On The Move”, “CNN International”, “Burden Of Proof”-CNN, “Elvis and Me”).
    To listen to his album “Hand In Hand”, you can go to
    www.amazon.de, just search for “Tony Roy” and click on the album: “Hand in Hand”. One of my favorite CD’s, great ballads!

  • www.tonyroi.net
  • www.bransonmallmusictheatre.com/tonyroi.html
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDzzs8oevIk (concert trailer at YouTube)

  • Marco Tulio Sanchez B.

    Marco Tulio SanchezMarco is from Colombia in South America. He’s a talented rock n’ roll singer and dedicated Elvis tribute artist. Marco was also friends with Bill Lynn. Bill played drums for Elvis in the movie sound tracks: “Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Speedway”.
    Marco, the voice of rock and roll in Colombia, is a musician and composer. He started out in 1977 when he was just a child. And in 1995 he was ranked as the best Elvis voice in the world. He currently has 500 of the King’s songs in his language (Spanish). He continues to give tribute concerts all over the country.

  • www.elviscolombia.webs.com
  • www.organista.webs.com
  • Donny Edwards
    Edwards is one of the top Elvis Tribute Artists in the world today! He is able to perform all eras of Elvis’s career, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with remarkable authenticity. His humility, charm and southern manner, coupled with his uncanny sound and appearance, will make you feel as if you are almost watching, the King, himself.

    For information, please contact:
    (702) 897-8107

  • www.DonnyEdwards.com new link
  • www.DonnyEdwardsLive.com new link
  • www.myspace.com/donnyedwardslive new link

  • Jamie Aaron Kelley

    Click here for a bigger pictureGreat Elvis soundalike and tribute artist! He has one of the best Elvis-like voices I have ever heard. He was the first tribute artist to be allowed to perform at the Tupelo Fair in Mississippi. He has released two CD’s, “Unfinsihed Business” and “The Sun Also Rises”. I have both and I think they are great! Highly recommended! Please check out his web sites listed below for lot’s of more information.
    Sound sample Jamie Aaron Kelley – Joshua Fit The Battle (RealAudio)

  • www.jamieaaronkelley.com (official site)
  • www.justawesomekaraoke.com
  • www.elvisstory.com
  • www.elvisstory.com/quicktime/fs-quicktime-ang.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/jak
  • www.el-inc.co.jp/jamie/elvis-performer.htm

  • Trent Carlini

    Trent is the star of the hit Las Vegas show “The Dream King,” and the winner of the world-wide Tribute Competition to the King of Rock ‘n Roll. The competition was held on August 26, 1997 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He’s got the whole package: sings like Elvis, moves like Elvis and even looks like Elvis. If you can not see him live, check out his video: “A Dream King Concert”, it’s great!

  • www.thedreamking.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/trentcarlini/
  • www.dreamkingent.com

  • Rick Saucedo

    Rick belongs to the top ten Elvis impersonators & tribute artists in the world, along with Trent Carlini and Travis LeDoyt (to name two others). He moves like Elvis, he looks like the older Elvis (Elvis around 1974) and he sounds like Elvis. I have his CD “Memphis I’m Coming Home”, which I think is great!
    On Rick’s homepage you can read his biography, concert schedule, buy merchandise and listen to some sound samples

  • www.ricksaucedo.com

  • Max Pellicano

    Click here for a bigger picture!Great tribute artist! He’s got the Elvis look, the moves and he sings very good. He did a very nice version of “I Want You I Need You I Love You” at a concert that I watched on video a while ago.

  • www.maxpellicano.com new link
  • www.impersonators.com/maxp.htm

  • Scot Bruce

    Click here for a bigger picture!Originally from the Pacific Northwest, where he was an air-personality at the top 40 FM radio station Z-FUN 106 and a drummer, Scot has lived in Los Angeles since 1990. While pursuing his career as a musician/actor (and having been a musician and a big Elvis fan all of his life) he started doing a 1950s’ era Elvis show as a way to survive the lean times. The result was a surprise to Scot, what was meant as a part-time “gig” to supplement his income blossomed into a full-time career. Because of his uncanny resemblance to the young “King” and his ability to sing, strum a guitar, and swivel his hips, his live show has taken him all over the world to places like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia (where he had the privilege of performing for the King and Queen), Mainland China, Australia and several countries in Europe and South America. He regularly plays concert dates across the United States. As Elvis, Scot has appeared in music videos with Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, and Tasmin Archer, as well as on the FOX TV sitcom “Partners.” Scot has also been heard as the “Resident Elvis” on the highly rated Los Angeles morning radio show “Mark and Brian” on KLOS FM. Most recently, Scot has appeared in a recurring role on the hit soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” a Pizza Hut commercial, and as the lead role in three successful productions of “Idols of the King”: the prestigous Barter Theater in Virginia, the Tennessee Repertory Theater in Nashville, and ArtPark in upstate New York. If you saw the “True Hollywood Story: Elvis in Hollywood” on E! Entertainment Network, that was Scot playing Elvis in the recreation scenes. He is also a regular cast member of “A Really Big Shew” the Tribute to the Ed Sullivan Show.” Aside from “Being Elvis,” Scot has also been seen as a night-club crooner on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Scot is a song-writer, and (whenever possible) performs an acoustic guitar/harmonica solo act in the local pubs, and plays the drums with an LA-based rock-a-billy band. Two of Scot’s original songs were used in Riverdance Pictures’ 1999 film “On the Turning Away.”
    Sound sample Scot Bruce – G.I. Blues (RealAudio)
    Sound sample Scot Bruce – Baby, Let’s Play House (RealAudio)

  • www.scotbruce.com (official site)
  • www.impersonators.com/imp13.htm
  • www.partypop.com/Vendors/2843.htm
  • www.classique-productions.com/pages/PAGE526B.HTM

  • Gary Wayne Bridges

    A great singer that can really sound like Elvis in the 70’s. His version of the Elvis song “Help Me” sounds almost exactly as Elvis own version! I also have his wonderful LP “For The Love Of Elvis ’88”, where I think he sounds like a mix of Elvis (around 74-76) and Rick Nelson (in the 70’s and 80’s). Great record, which included 10 songs never recorded by Elvis.
    I got this new information e-mailed to me (2002):Gary continued performing Elvis into the 1990s. He toured throughout the U.S. and Canada with members of Elvis’ original group, including J.D. Sumner, Charlie Hodge, etc. Gary was a pall bearer at J.D.s funeral and is referred to in J.D.s book as the best in the business. Gary went to Nashville to record for Warner records and an accident cut his career short. He is planning a come back of his tribute to Elvis for August of this year (2002). Gary is now a successful producer of themed tribute shows that perform in casinos around the U.S.
    Sound sample GWB – Help Me

  • www.voiceofaking.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/gwb/

  • Doug Church

    Doug ChurchDoug Church – The Voice of Elvis. He began his Elvis career in the United States Air Force in 1983, winning the talent contests held annually by the Air Force, competing against hundreds of other contestants. Since then he have had a fantastic career and won several contests. He has a voice that is so close to Elvis that in some songs (Elvis songs, studio, from the mid 70’s) it’s hard to hear the difference. Doug belongs to the top ten Elvis tribute artists in the world!
    Sound sample Doug Church – Susan When She Tried (RealAudio)

  • www.dougchurchusa.com
  • www.dougchurch.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/dougchurch
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Doug_Church/index.htm

  • Daniel Young

    Click for a bigger pictureTake a look around to learn more about Daniel Young and his music, see why he was voted music Artist and Country Entertainer of the year by the L.T.A. of Georgia. Here you can download his photos, listen to his music, mp3’s, waves, real audio and windows media, watch videos of Daniel, and order his music CDs.
    Sound sample Daniel Young – Rags To Riches (RealAudio)

  • www.daniellive.com (official site)
  • www.daniellive.com/eta.htm
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/danielyoung

  • Jesse Aron

    Great Elvis-like voice! One of the best Elvis sound-alikes there is! This guy can sound like Elvis when singing songs from all eras of Elvis: 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. His site has biography, sound samples etc.

  • www.jessearon.com (official page)
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/jessearon/
  • http://www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Jesse_Aron/index.html

  • Shawn Klush

    The new star in “Legends in concert”. Plays the part of Elvis in the CBS VH1 miniseries “Shake Rattle and Roll”. Good voice! Belongs to the top Elvis tribute artists in the world. On the second link below you can listen to a sound sample.

  • www.shawnklush.net
  • www.shawnklush.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/shawnklush/
  • http://www.sadventure.com/shawn.html

  • The King (Jim Brown)

    A great Elvis sound-alike from Ireland. He sings covers from famous artists like: Nirvana, Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra, all with an Elvis touch. At the links below you can read about his CD’s, tour dates and listen to sound samples.

  • www.elvislives.de
  • www.homeoftheking.com
  • www.theking-infoclub.de

  • Justin Shandor

    “Kid King”. A teenager with a very mature voice! One of the very best Elvis tribute artists in my opinion. The pages below has biography, pictures and sound clips!

  • www.justinshandor.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/radio/etaspotlight/justin
  • www.elvisarama.com/bios/justin/index.html
  • www.elvisentertainers.com/justinshandor.htm
  • http://rnrheaven.net/performers/ep5.htm


    ARIONARION is back! My good friend Tony, with the Voice of a King! He has a new web site, with pictures, sound files, biography, merchandise and everything. I’m happy that he’s finally bringing his talent to the world, and even touring abroad (Europe). I’m looking forward to CD’s in the future cause this guy can really sound like Elvis. Probably the best 70’s Elvis I have heard! Please visit his web site, write in his guest book, and book him for your event. The Legends continues…

  • http://arionproductions.50webs.com/index.html

  • Deke Rivers (Australia)

    Deke RiversGreat Elvis performer from Australia! He’s got a great voice. He also looks a lot like Elvis from the 1970’s from certain angles. His web site has pictures, audio clips and even videos.

  • www.deke-rivers.com
  • www.followthatdreamproductions.com/deke.htm

  • Ral Donner

    Ral Donner was one of the first singers to cover Elvis, when he in 1959 cut a demo of an Elvis LP cut called “Girl Of My Best Friend”. Some of Donners hits include: “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”, “Please Don’t Go”, and “I Didn’t Figure On Him”. He is the talking voice in the video documantary “This is Elvis”.
    You can listen to some sound samples at:
    Sound sample Ral donner – Got A Lot O’ Livin’ To Do (RealAudio)

  • www.thewick.co.uk/raldonner new link
  • www.rockabilly.nl/artists/rdonner.htm

  • John Barron

    Elvis sound-alike from Germany. He has made two albums (when this was written): “My Love To You” and “Tales”, and also a CD-single “John Barron Meets Bill – The Memphis Session”. I have all three, and I think they are great!

  • www.john-barron.com

  • Rene Shuman

    Rene is from Holland and sings all kinds of music: Rockabilly, Blues, Country, Gospel and Rock and Roll. He has released several albums and singles, and has worked with The Jordanaires, Mike Stoller, and Phil Everly among others. He sounds a lot like Elvis did in the early 60’s, one of the better Elvis sound-alikes I have heard. Great voice!

  • http://www.reneshuman.com (official site)
  • www.rockabilly-artists.com
  • www.country-artists.com/rene_shuman.htm
  • http://muziek.clubs.nl/ReneShuman

  • Dean Z

    A young tribute artist that has a great Elvis-like voice, and looks a little like a young Elvis.

  • www.deanz.com
  • http://ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/dean-z/
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHPnnmLb5ac
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkwjY8sO-bs
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MzFaZ4UpQY
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGCwfnZ9ovk

  • Frankie Allan

    Frankie Allan did one of the best Elvis tribute songs that I have ever heard. It was called “Just A Country Boy” and was first(?) released on the single “JUST A COUNTRY BOY/I NEED YOU EVERY HOUR” on ROCKFIELD UP, UK pressing from 1977. You can also find “Just A Country Boy” at the CD “We All Wanna Sound Like Elvis” (this CD also contains one recording by Ral Donner and one by Vince Everett, and a lot of other artists). When singing “Just A Country Boy” Frankie sounds a lot like a young Elvis at SUN.On the second link (below), you can find info about the CD “We All Wanna Sound Like Elvis”.
    Sound sample Frankie Allan – Just A Country Boy (RealAudio)
    Sound sample Frankie Allan – I Need You Every Hour (RealAudio)

  • www.frankieallan.com
  • http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/comps/p/pop1339.htm

  • Elvis Aaron Presley Jr.

    Very nice Elvis-like voice, especially in songs like “I’m Known By Many Names”, “Marie”, “Girl Happy” and “I’ll Touch A Star”. At the first site listed below, Elvis Jr. has 25 different CD titles for sale!

  • www.sonofaking.com
  • www.livinglegacyjr.com (same as above)
  • www.elvisjr.com
  • www.mp3.tv/elvisjr.php
  • www.elvisjrcds.com
  • www.usa-eapjr-fanclub.com

  • Martin Fontaine

    Martin is a really talented artist from Canada. He was the star of the big hit show “The Elvis Story” for many years.

  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/martinfontaine/
  • www.elvisstory.com

  • Jonathon Von Brana

    Starred as Elvis in “Legends In Concert” in Hawaii, and now has his own show in Hawaii called “Blue Hawaii”. More Elvis look-alike than sound-alike. Moves a lot on the stage, which is fun to watch. One of the “coolest” Elvis tribute artists I have seen.

  • www.bluehawaiitheshow.com
  • www.dawnproductions.com/talent/performers/jvb.htm
  • www.waikikibeachcomber.com/bluehawaii.html
  • www.lava.net/~newtonet/
  • http://www.lava.net/~newtonet/jvb-bi~1.html/

  • Johnny Earle

    An amazing artist! One of the best tribute artists there is. He can really sound like Elvis (Elvis in the 50’s and early 60’s). He has recorded with The Jordanaires, Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana. He has impressed many with his great voice – including Lisa Marie Presley, who has named him “Mr. Rock n’ Roll”. He has also toured with the country legend Carl Perkins.
    Sound sample Johnny Earle – Anyway You Want Me (RealAudio)

  • www.johnnyearle.com (link don’t work anymore, help finding a new web site appreciated)

  • Sivle Nora

    “Sivle Nora caused many people to wonder if indeed Elvis was still alive. The appearance of Sivle helped ease some of the grief that Elvis fans suffered and by the same token it took people’s minds off the negative stories being written about Elvis. I would like to think that in some small way the legacy of Elvis Presley was extended in a very positive way by Sivle Nora.”The nice words above was said by Mr. Steve Chanzes. The name “Sivle Nora” was taken from a book named “Elvis Where Are You?” written by Steve. Some people say Sivle’s real name is David Darlock, others say it’s not. Sivle chosed to keep his real name a secret. Steve produced and released the album “Sivle Sings Again” in the early 80’s (1981, I think). These recordings are today very hard to find.
    Sound sample Sivle Nora – Loving You (RealAudio)
    Sound sample Sivle Nora – Are you Lonesome Tonight? (RealAudio)

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfzYUZNvhf4 new
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfa0tzIddtk new
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbDrQN9ObAo new
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8XUmvBPX80 new
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYBVELS_AYE new

  • Ronnie McDowell

    Ronnie is not really an Elvis impersonator, he can “impersonate” his voice so that he sounds like the young Elvis (50’s and 60’s), but he does not dress like Elvis or tries to move like him. Ronnie has several talents. He is a performer, songwriter, sculptor, sign painter, animation artist, watercolor artist, and caricature artist, as well as a musical creator and a talent manager. You can listen to sound-clips at his official homepage (the first link below) or at www.cdnow.com.

  • www.ronniemcdowell.com (official site)
  • www.ronniemcdowellfan.com
  • www.grandentertainment.com/ronnie_mcdowell.htm

  • Roy Evans (now under the name Lee Memphis King)

    Roy Evans from England is rated as one of the best Elvis impersonators in the world today. He has a great Elvis voice, just listen to the sound samples on his web page.

  • www.leememphisking.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/royevans/

  • Robert Fisher

    In 1975 he released an album, “Canadas Own Elvis”, all Elvis songs except for the song “Follow” written by Robert himself. It’s a great song done with lot’s of Elvis feeling. Another Elvis style song written by him was “What Will We Do Without You” on the album “To Elvis: Love Still Burning” (various artists) released in 1978. He has also released several singles with own material in the seventies and eighties. Nowdays Robert entertains audiences throughout Ontario with his “Showcase Of Stars” show.

  • http://us.geocities.com/showcase_of_stars/index.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/robfisher

  • Matt Lewis

    Click here for a bigger picture!Matt has worked on “Legends in Concert” in USA, Germany, Switzerland and Australia! From a distance, he looks a little like Elvis and he has a nice Elvis voice.
    Sound sample Matt Lewis – Crying In the Chapel (RealAudio)

  • www.thekingonline.com

  • Stewart Duff

    Stewart is the winner of “Stars In Their Eyes” 2002 (England). He has a very Elvis like voice, just listen to the sound file on the first site listed below.

  • http://members.lycos.co.uk/duffstewart/
  • www.vegas.eclipse.co.uk/stewartduff.htm

  • Grahame Patrick Doyle

    Born in Ireland. There are a couple of tribute artists on this page that both looks and sings like Elvis. This guy is one of them! Just listen to his “Love Me Tender” at the YouTube video at the link below. (recorded from German TV) He has been bringing down the house with his table-hopping, hip-swiveling “Viva Las Vegas” finale at the Imperial Palace’s Legends in Concert show.

  • http://ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/grahamepatrick/
  • www.myspace.com/grahamepatrick
  • www.lvrj.com/lvrj_home/2000/May-22-Mon-2000/news/13622735.html
  • www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/special_cut/1997/aug/15/c00001022.html
  • www.lasvegasshowtickets.net/legends.htm
  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=AUau7Q0TYNg new link
  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=sc3av0VuLD0 new link

  • Douglas Roy

    An Elvis impersonator and sound-alike that was around when Elvis was still alive. He’s got a great voice that sounds a lot like another impersonator, Robert Fisher. I have only heard a few songs by him, and one of my favorites are “Grow Tall”, which has a nice “Elvis feeling”.
    Sound sample Douglas Roy – Bridge Over Troubled Water (RealAudio)

  • http://roswell.fortunecity.com/blavatsky/114/d_roy.htm

  • Nathan Belt new

    Great Elvis tribute artist! Great voice, great performer. Check out his MySpace web site for audio, and his YouTube videos. At the video link below you can see that he’s got the Elvis style as well as the voice. He also performes with a live band, which I think is great.

  • www.myspace.com/nathanaselvis
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ6RLRmbFb4
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/nathan/ new link

  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith is a Elvis sound-alike from Scotland. He has a great Elvis 60’s like voice! You can listen to sound samples at his web site. His site has also a discussion forum.

  • www.lnjmusic.com

  • Rich Wilson

    I’m a huge fan of Rich Wilson. He’s got a fantastic voice. You can hear him sing at ETA RadioNovember 2002 edition. You can also hear him sing at his official web site (listed below). There can you also buy his CD’s (All his CD’s are great, but “Personally” is my favourite), read his biography and other stuff.

  • www.rwcentral.com
  • www.richwilsonsite.com (old link)

  • Phil Gray

    Click here for a bigger pictureGreat Elvis 50’s SUN sound! The link below has some info about his recordings in the 1950’s… I have not been able to reach Phil Gray or his producer. So, if you read this and don’t want the picture or sound sample here, let me know and I’ll remove them.
    Sound sample Phil Gray – Bluest Boy In Town (RealAudio)

  • http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/artists/g/gray6000.htm

  • Tom Alston

    Tom AlstonTom is a really talanted Elvis tribute artist from UK. He has done his tribute to Elvis for over 20 years. Winner of the SUN newspaper’s quest to find the best Elvis look and sound-a-like, Tom was up against all the UK’s top Elvis impersonators. Dressed as a soldier he sang “G.I. Blues” and won outright, to become “The Suns Elvis” (Undisputed king since 1989). Tom was also given the largests part on “Stars in their eyes” Elvis special, a one hour musical tribute to Elvis’s career. At the web sites listed below, you can listen to audio clips, see pictures etc. The official web site even has video clips!

  • www.thespiritofelvis.co.uk (official web site)
  • www.InspiredByTheKing.com/TomAlston

  • Johnny Harra

    The most legendary Elvis impersonator. Johnny Harra has been in the Elvis tribute business for a long time, starting years before Elvis died. He played the older Elvis in the documentary movie “This is Elvis” (the re-creation parts).

  • http://johnnyharrathelegend.com/ new link
  • http://johnnyharra.tripod.com/
  • www.geocities.com/jharra2000/
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/johnnyharra

  • Bob West

    Bob West has been performing his tribute to Elvis” for over 20 years (started out in 1975!). He has toured in Japan and all across the United States, including Imperial Palace Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He looks a little like Elvis did in the 70’s (around 74-75), and he sings good too. He does a great job on powerful songs like “Hurt” and “How Great Thou Art” (Elvis live version from the 70’s).

  • www.bobwestelvis.com
  • www.geocities.com/bobwestelvis/index.html

  • Eddie Youngblood

    Eddie began his musical career as a vocalist with a rock’n’roll band working in the local clubs and pubs in Northern Queensland. His renditions of Elvis songs became very popular and he has now a very successful Elvis tribute show in Australia – THE GOLDEN YEARS OF ELVIS. 3 LP’s has been released over the years and they are all now available on 2 CD’s.

  • www.eddieyoungblood.com new link
  • www.airplaydirect.com/music/bands/25027/index.php new link

  • Rick Lenzi

    Rick LenziFrom Santa Rosa, California, Rick Lenzi has been an Elvis Tibute Artist since 1993. He has traveled from coast to coast entertaining fans, and has won several nationwide contest and made the finals at the “Images of the King” contest, held annually in Memphis, TN. He also appeared in “3000 Miles To Graceland” starring Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner.

  • www.ricklenzi.com
  • www.kingjunior.com

  • Ryan Pelton

    Ryan PeltonRyan has only been performing his Elvis tribute in a short time, and has risen to the top of the Elvis Entertainer world. He tours all over the world with his fantastic portrayal of the 1950’s Elvis. He is the winner of the “Images of Elvis 2000” contest!. He even looks like a young Elvis. Ryan is also touring with the award winning Las Vegas production, “Legends in Concert”.
    His official home page contains updated events, articles, biography, pictures and sound samples!

  • www.ryanpelton.com (official site)
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/ryanpelton
  • http://www.sadventure.com/ryan.html

  • Tommy Rivers

    Great Elvis and Orbinson soundalike. Talented singer (great voice!), guitarist and song writer. At the links below you can read more about Tommy, and check out his awesome CD “Night”.

  • www.tommyriversmusic.com
  • www.cdbaby.com/cd/tommyrivers

  • Eddie Miles

    Eddie MilesEddie is one of the best Elvis tribute artists/impersonators there is. Gordon Stroker from the Jordanaires, Charlie Hodge (Elvis friend and bandmember) and JD Sumner are a couple of persons that think highly of Eddie. Since they all have worked with Elvis, they know what the are talking about.
    He sings like Elvis (even though his voice is a little different from the King), he moves like the Elvis and he even looks a little like Elvis (the older Elvis from about 1970-73).
    On the Eddie Miles homepage you can read his concert schedule and listen to him in Real player among other things.

  • www.eddiemiles.com

  • Rhythm 55

    A really good rock-a-billy band with a great 50’s sound. My favourite songs from their album named “Rhythm 55” is “Letter Full Of Tears” and “Sweet Sour Melody”. They also do a nice version of the Elvis song “Milkcow Blues Boogie”.

  • www.rhythm55.de.vu

  • Jerry Presley

    Comments coming later…

  • www.jerrypresleyshow.com

  • Helmut Lotti

    Helmut is not an Elvis impersonator, he is not even a tribute artist. But he is a fantastic singer that can sing all from classic music to rock, and from African music to Elvis. His CD “Romantic” features the Elvis songs: “Hurt” and “Heart of Rome”, which is done with a lot of feeling. I think he sings with the same passion as Elvis and does a lot of songs that Elvis would have liked, I’m sure.

  • www.helmutlottiofficial.com (official site)
  • www.helmutlotti.be
  • www.netbeat.com/artists/HELMUT_LOTTI_2206.htm
  • www.contact.net/rvinfo/helmutlotti/enhelmut.html

  • Henrik Åberg

    Henrik was the winner of the swedish impersonator contest “Sikta mot stjärnorna” in 1995. He won as Elvis with a great version of “Blue Hawaii”. Henrik also appeared, for a very short while, under the name “Vince Vernon Vardel”. Vince was a masked singer like Orion (Jimmy Ellis), and like Orion he has a voice incredible similar to Elvis Presley. His voice has developed and he is even better nowdays, check out the YouTube videos of him singing “Amazing Grace” for example.

  • www.livestar.se/henrik-aberg.html new link
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyI5v-KiN78 (singing “Amazing Grace” live)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0xUPa_XBDk (singing “White Christmas” live)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j3eh42j5E4 (singing “Du är för alltid en del utav mig”)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U_UO38r-Zs (singing “Blue Hawaii” in his very first TV appearance)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf2LgtSzL3c (singing “Love Me Tender” 1996) new link
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMjjluMjADY (singing “Working On A Building” live 1996) new link
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hY9YQBXcAg (singing “Moody Blue” live 2008)
  • www.thelegends.nu/elvis.htm
  • http://www.henrikaberg.se (link not working anymore)
  • http://www.geocities.com/ob_73132 (link not working anymore)

  • Dan Willis

    Dan or Daniel Willis sounds like a mix of PJ Proby and Jimmy “Orion” Ellis to me. He has a nice soft voice. A LP called “Spelling On The Stone” was releases in 1988 with no artist name. Later it bacame known that Dan was the singer on that LP. Another great LP by him is “Love Songs Of Your Life” (I believe it was released before “Spelling On The Stone”).
    I have not been able to reach Dan Willis or the producer of his recordings. So, if you read this and don’t want the sound sample here, let me know and I’ll remove it.
    Sound sample Dan Willis – Resurrection (RealAudio)

  • www.thenashvillescout.com/#/assoc/4533776225 new link

  • Nick Willett

    Rock n’ roll singer from USA. Has a great voice that sounds like a mix of Elvis (in the 50’s) and Eddie Cochran. I have his CD and I think his version of “Without Him” sounds a lot like a young Elvis.

  • www.nickwillett.com
  • www.rockabilly.nl/artists/nickwillett.htm

  • Garry Wesley

    Has worked with “American Superstars” and “Legends in Concert”. He has a very nice voice, just listen to ETA Radio (August 2002, for example) at the link below.

  • www.garrywesley.net
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/garrywesley

  • Dwight Icenhower

    Dwight Icenhower was raised in Pomeroy, Ohio and began his Elvis career by singing karaoke at a local fair when he was just 16 years old. Now, he is one of the very few Elvis Tribute Artists that have made a full-time career out of keeping the legend alive.
    He’s had the opportunity to share the stage with some of Elvis musicians: DJ Fontana, The Jordanaires, The Sweet Inspirations, and Charlie Hodge.

  • www.dwighticenhower.com
  • www.dwighticenhowerfanclub.com
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Dwight_Icenhower

  • Larry Seth

    Big El - Larry SethLarry is known from the hit “The Big El Show” in the 70’s. He’s now retired from the Elvis business since many years. In 1977 he released the LP “In Concert”, and in 1978 another LP, “Viva Las Vegas”. I also have all (3) 45 rpm records released by him, including “Alabama Girl/I Love You Because” (not the Elvis tune). Larry was also known for looking like Elvis (the 70’s Elvis) and sounding like Elvis (live in the 70’s). Speaking of the last part: sounding like Elvis, I would recommend the “Viva Las Vegas” LP. It’s really good. His first LP, “In Concert”, had not the same standard though.

  • www.InspiredByTheKing.com/Big-El

  • Danny Vernon

    Danny began his career playing country music. He is also a very talanted Elvis tribute artist. He won 3rd place in the “World’s finest Elvis impersonator” Extravaganza contest in Las Vegas January 5, 2003. He also recently took 1st place in Penticton B.C’s Elvis Festival Contest 2002!. He has released 4 CD’s (when this was written). You can listen to several of the songs at his web site.

  • www.dannyvernon.com

  • Vince Everett

    Elvis character in the movie “Jailhouse rock” was called Vince Everett, well this is the real Vince Everett. He does songs in the “Elvis 50’s style”. Some of his songs: “Love me”, “Such a night”, “Sugar bee”, “To have, to hold and let go”, “Livin’ high”.
    There’s very little information about Vince, so if you have any information you want to share, feel free to e-mail

  • www.old-rock.com/vince_everett.htm
  • www.nervous.co.uk/shindex.htm?http://www.nervous.co.uk/reviews/bck27111.htm
  • http://els51.law.emory.edu/rcs/artists/e/ever3000.htm (album/single releases)

  • Terry Stafford

    Terry is (was) no impersonator, he had a couple of own hits in the 1960’s like I’ll Touch A Star and he had a voice close to Elvis. If I should put him in a category related to Elvis we could call him a Elvis sound-alike. You can hear sound samples at: www.amazon.com. Just search for “Terry Stafford”.

  • http://keepkey.yochanan.net/terry.htm
  • http://users.pandora.be/popcornoldies/Artiesten/Terry_Stafford/Terry_Stafford.htm

  • Peter Alden

    Great tribute artist from USA. Can sing a lot like Elvis (especially the ballads). Take also a look at the photo made by Tom Burton at: www.digitalstoryteller.com/YITL/Tom%20Burton/january28.html.

  • http://peteraldenfanclub.tripod.com
  • http://www.expage.com/petealden
  • www.pelvoice.com (may not work anymore)
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/peteralden/

  • Thane Dunn & The Cadillac Kings

    Thane DunnThis is one of the few guys who actually looks and sounds like Elvis. Thane is a great Elvis fan and talented performer. His band The Cadillac Kings are a seven (7)-piece band that authentically re-create Elvis’s TCB band.

  • www.thanedunn.net
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVIZ5ULWhkg

  • Carl Brandon

    Comments coming later…

  • http://membres.lycos.fr/carlbrandonelvis
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/carlbrandon

  • Glenn Bowles

    The very first winner of the “Images Of the King” contest! I have his LP “Elvis Memories” from the 1980’s, which I think is a very good Elvis tribute album. Glenn has a great Elvis 70’s like voice!

  • www.van-dells.com

  • David Cazalét

    From a very young age David would amuse his family and friends with his rendition of Elvis’ songs. He has now developed to one of Australia’s best Elvis impersonators. He has a very nice voice, and on stage he even looks a little like Elvis.

  • www.davidcazalet.com

  • Billy Wayde

    Billy WaydeHouston’s number one Elvis tribute artist! 2004 winner of Hard Rock Cafe and Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas. Looks a lot like the 70’s Elvis. Please visit his web site for pictures, video clips etc.

  • www.billywayde.com

  • Jim Barone

    Great Elvis tribute artist, that sounds a lot like Elvis when singing Elvis songs from the 50’s and early 60’s. Actually one of the best Elvis voices I have heard! Recently I also heard his recordings of the christmas songs Elvis did in the 70’s, and Jim sounded great even there. Jim has also been finalist and winner of several Elvis contests. He is best known for his portrayal of the 1950’s Elvis. His site has a biography, pics and sound samples.

  • www.jimbarone.com (official site)
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Jim_Barone/index.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/jimbarone/

  • William Stiles

    William StilesGreat Elvis singer! His voice has an uncanny resemblance to the voice of Elvis Presley! His parents were friends of Elvis and the “Memphis Mafia”, and as a little boy he often visited Elvis at Graceland.
    Sound sample William Stiles – I’ve Lost You (RealAudio)

  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/williamstiles
  • www.williamstiles.com
  • www.tcbconcertproductions.com

  • Joe Ontario

    Joe is a very talented Elvis tribute artist/singer and songwriter from Italy. Quote from his web site: “In 1984 Joe participated in a singing contest at the National Elvis Presley Rock Fan Club in Recanati, Italy, winning first prize as the best Elvis voice resemblance in Italy.” Another quote: “During his shows, Joe alternates his own songs with Elvis’s and his public always shows great enthusiasm and appreciation for both. He is quickly becoming the artist who resembles the King most “On Stage” in Italy!”. I think he’s got a great voice! Please check out his web site for info. and sound clips.

  • www.joeontario.it

  • Andy

    AndyAndy (Atty Buitenhuis) is a very talented singer from the Netherlands. I have two of his CD’s, and I think that he has a fantastic voice that sometimes remind me of Elvis. The first CD I got by Andy was “Memories”, which was a tribute to another very popular dutch singer: Jack Jersey. Andy sounded just like Jack! The other CD I have by Andy is his latest (when writing this Feb. 2004), “The White Andy”. It features some older covers and a lot of really great new written music. If you like artists like Jack Jersey, Terry Lee, Ral Donner, P.J. Proby or Elvis, I’m sure you’ll like Andy too. Feel free to check out my fan web site for Andy (link below) for bio, pics and audio clips.

  • www.InspiredByTheKing.com/andy

  • Rick Alviti

    Great tribute artist! Rick has the “Elvis look”. I highly recomend his video “Aloha Charlotte”. Very professional done!

  • www.rickalvitishow.com

  • Mike Lorentz

    Mike Lorentz is a talented Dutch singer. He’s a huge fan of Elvis and enjoys singing Elvis songs, allthough he’s not an Elvis impersonator. He sounds like a mix of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Marty Robbins, which are also his musical idols along with The Mavericks and other country and rock n’ roll artists. I have his CD “Mike Lorentz & The Rockin’ Devils”, which I think is great. He has also done a CD with Elvis gospel songs (which I also have). On his gospel CD you can really hear his natural Elvis-like voice! Both CD’s are available from Rarity Records in Holland.
    Sound sample Mike Lorentz – Big Love, Big Heartache (mp3)
    Sound sample Mike Lorentz – I Believe In The Man In The Sky (Real Audio)
    Sound sample Mike Lorentz – Honey (Real Audio)

  • www.mikelorentz.nl
  • http://masseille.punt.nl

  • Alan Meyer

    Alan was one of the very first tribute artists. I think he’s got a great voice, especially doing Elvis ballads (and rockers) from the 50’s (like “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You”) and early 60’s (like “Fame And Fortune”) live. His site has a biography, pics and lot’s of sound samples.

  • http://www.alaninc.com (link not active anymore)
  • http://alan-a-tribute-to-elvis.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/alanmeyer

  • Bouke new

    Bouke is a talented young singer from The Netherlands, Europe. He’s also a great Elvis soundalike. I have his CD “A Song Of Love”, which I think is great! One of my favourite voices! Hope he will do more albums in English, as I love the songs on the “A Song Of Love” CD…
    Sound sample Bouke – Hear My Song (RealAudio)
    Sound sample Bouke – Bella Bella Donna (RealAudio)

  • www.bouke.nu
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyOKEPrdNYM
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRVbmCtd3sY

  • Charles Alan Rowe (a.k.a. Nuelvis) new

    As a collector of Elvis soundalike recordings, I’m happy to own the 45 rpm vinyl single “You Know Me/Dance All Night” on ANA-records (songs written by Gene Cash). “You Know Me” is a song about Elvis, sung in great Elvis 70’s style. Charles recorded that song under the name Nuelvis. He also did live Elvis tribute shows under that name. Nowdays he perform Elvis shows under the name Elvis Lee Jones. Under his real name, Charles Alan Rowe, he is a Country music recording artist. Charles latest Country CD is called “God, Family, Sex & Texas” and it also contains an updated version of “You Know Me”.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thenuking
  • www.mymusicstream.com/artist/2038/index-menu-home.html
  • http://charlesalanrowe.com/
  • ***

    Cody Slaughter

    Teenage Elvis tribute artist with the looks and moves like a young King! Have seen him on video, and I’m impressed. More info. coming later…

  • www.codyslaughterrocks.com
  • Chris Connor new

    Great Elvis tribute artist from UK. Check his web site below for videos.

  • www.chrisconnorvideos.com
  • Ron Jesse new

    Ron Jesse is a talented Elvis singer from Holland. I have his CD “The Feeling Is Gone” which I like very much. My favourite songs from that CD are “The Feeling Is Gone”, “America The Beautiful” and “Where No One Stands Alone”. Another favorite song by Ron Jesse is “You Raised Me Up”, which can be heard at his web site and on his DVD. He will later release a Country CD which I’m looking forward to. I think Country music will suite his Elvis-voice very well! For more info., and audio samples, please check out his web site.

  • www.ron-jesse.nl
  • http://ron-jesse.hyves.hyve.nl/
  • Steve Halliday new

    Steve has performed his tribute shows all over the U.K and Europe as well as singing live on top TV shows including BBC ONE’s “World’s Greatest Elvis” finals. I have his CD “Soldier Boy” where he does that song plus a few other Elvis 60’s songs with very Elvis-like vocals. Please visit his web site for more information, audio samples and links to his YouTube videos.

  • www.tribute2elvis.com
  • Sal Bashir

    Sal BashirSal is a very talented Elvis tribute artist who lives in London, UK. In 2003 he was the subject of a BBC documentary called “Voices” as East Ham’s Asian Elvis, and more recently, one of three Elvis’s to sing live to over 6 million people on BBC’s “Test the Nation” (September 2004) with Anne Robinson and Philip Schoffield. He has also performed by Royal command at the Savoy, The Strand London, (July 2004) to raise money for the CTBF (Cinema & TV Benevolent Fund). One of his proudest moments was performing in front of 8000 people at The London City Airport Fun day 2004, Docklands, London. For more info, pics and audio samples, please check out his web site listed below.

  • www.sallikeelvis.co.uk
  • www.just-like-elvis.com
  • Kevin Doyle new

    Kevin Doyle is a very talented vocalist, from Ballyfermot, Ireland. He has a big Elvis tribute show called “Elvis the way it was”. There are some music on YouTube, but I hope he’ll soon release a CD as I think he has a great Elvis like voice. For more information, please visit the links below.

  • www.doylemusic.co.uk new link
  • www.noisemultimedia.com/elvis/kevin_doyle.htm
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuXQfMqAQlQ
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n2o-h3fOSI
  • www.elvisthewayitwas.net
  • Rocky Teoh

    Great Elvis sound-alike! Rocky Teoh was the first “Elvis” of Malaysia. He recorded lot’s of records (mostly EP’s) in the 60’s. He had a really good voice, like Elvis in the early 60’s. Unfortunately Rocky is no longer with us. If anyone has any records of his available for sale, feel free to contact me. Thank you!

  • www.rockyteoh.com
  • Tony Witt new

    Tony Witt has been performing his tribute to Elvis since 1989. Tony was the First Place winner at the CSRA Images Of The King Contest in Augusta, Georgia that occurred February 15-16, 2008 and was awarded the 2008 Peoples Choice Award at the Images Of The King World Championship in Memphis, Tennessee, August 16, 2008. Tony has a great voice, very close to Elvis in the 70’s. And he has the Elvis 70’s moves on stage as well. Check out his web site for audio, video and more information.

  • www.tonywitt.com
  • Nicola Congiu new

    In Italy, Nicola Congiu plays to huge audiences and has built his fame both by touring with his band and appearing on national television shows and making guest appearances. He is the composer and lyricist for many of the songs he performs, singing lyrics in both English and Italian. Niko also plays guitar and piano on his most recent self-produced record “Per Te” (2007). He made his North American debut October 20th, 2007 with the 100-piece Chicago Pops Orchestra, opening for Jewel to a sold-out Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. Nicola has a great voice and does a great Elvisy version of “Unchained Melody”. Check out video and audio on his web site and on YouTube.

  • www.nicolacongiu.com
  • Silas Lulic new

    Silas LulicGreat young Elvis tribute artist from Australia. He has both a good voice and a cool Elvis look. For more info, check out his web site. You can also find some YouTube videos with him.

  • www.myspace.com/silaslulic
  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=yUQXOUv3W8U
  • Keith Henderson

    Performes the show “Illusions of The King”. Great voice!

  • www.keithillusions.com
  • Sanny Hallin new

    Talented Elvis tribute artist from Sweden. The web site below is in Swedish, but you can listen to his audio samples. I think he’s got a great voice.

  • www.freewebs.com/magoo11/
  • www.freewebs.com/magoo11/index2.html
  • William Marques new

    Talented singer from Brazil. Great Elvis-like voice!

  • www.willmarques.com
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnW1M5B2KSU
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O9P55tQei0
  • John E. Prescott

    Performing ELVIS THROUGH THE YEARS. “The best in the business” according to The People Magazine. A great tribute artist from the UK. He even looks a little bit as Elvis (from around 1968) and sound like the young Elvis (from the 50’s). His web site listed below has audio samples, video clips, pictures, and lot’s of info.

  • www.elvisthroughtheyears.co.uk
  • Johnny Harra Jr.

    Son of the legendary Elvis impersonator, Johnny Harra. First link below has a photo of Harra Jr. The second link has a video clip and audio clips.

  • www.silverrainband.net/johnny.html
  • www.silverrainband.net/demos.html
  • Joe White

    “The New WKRP” in Cincinatti as the voice of “Elvis” with James Rompel
    “Hard copy” episode called “I, Elvis” with James Rompel and Dana McKay
    “Lipton Ice Tea commercial” with Michael Conti
    “Sightings 1991”
    “A Current Affair”
    “Radon Gas” (The Denial Clinic) TV and Radio (Voice Over) commercial
    Honda Commercial
    Special Guest at The 1994 “Youth Quake Awards”
    “Honeymoon in Vegas”
    Stray Cats comeback video “Elvis on Velvet”
    “Arsenio Hall Show” 2 different episodes
    “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno
    “KNBC News Commercials” for Los Angeles Chnl (4) and Las Vegas Chnl (3)
    and many, more
    “Celebration USA” with Smokey Robinson at the Rosebowl 07/04/1995
    Tour across America with the “Prestigous Elites”
    Perfomed with “Just 4 Fun” for 2 years
    World Premiere for “Fools Rush In”
    “Riviera Hotel & Casino” (2 years)
    “Harrahs Hotel & Casino” (2 years)
    “Debbie Reynolds HollyWood Hotel & Casino” (2 years)
    “Alystra Casino” (1 year)
    and many, more
    “Life Magazines” 40th anniversery rock n roll issue with Paul Casey
    [issue was about Elvis and Leiber and Stoller]
    “Teen Beat Magazine”
    and many others
    He doesn’t have a web site, but you can e-mail Joe personally at:

  • No links found
  • Jesse Campbell

    Searching for information about, and links to this guy. I welcome any help. He has a very nice Elvis-like voice. If you’re interested in him singing Elvis songs, look for his LP “Live”.
    I have not been able to reach Jesse Campbell or the producer of his recordings. So, if you read this and don’t want the sound sample here, let me know and I’ll remove it.
    Sound sample Jesse Campbell – Are You Sincere?

  • No links found
  • Brendan Paul

    Brendan PaulElvis impersonator that has been on “Legends In Concert” in Las Vegas. He looks a bit like Elvis around 1969-1970 (in my opinion). Please check out his web site for more info.

  • www.bestelvis.com (official web site)
  • Jimmy Catlett

    Jimmy was born and raised in eastern North Carolina and became an avid Elvis fan at a very young age. He has recently made a comeback as an Elvis tribute artist. He has got a great Elvis 70’s like voice. Just check out his web site and listen!

  • http://jimmycatlett.com/audio/ new link
  • Andy Dellenoy

    Andy is another very talented singer from the Netherlands. He sounds like a mix of Jack Jersey, Ral Donner, P.J. Proby, John Rowles, and also a little Elvis. Check out his web site for more information and sound samples. His web site is in Dutch.

  • www.andy-dellenoy.nl
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihli5pv6Ub4
  • Mike Mendel

    Mike is another very talented singer-, and a very impressive Jack Jersey soundalike from the Netherlands. He has recorded several interesting albums and singles and even some Elvis songs. Known also under the recording name Mark Memphis (80’s?). If you like artists like Jack Jersey, Roy Orbinson or Elvis, I’m sure you’ll like Mike too. Check out his web site for audio samples and info.!

  • www.mikemendel.nl
  • Kjell Jørung

    Kjell is a singer from Norway. He has worked with Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana and The Jordanaires. He can really sound like Elvis, the way Elvis sounded in the 50’s. Especially in the uptempo songs like: “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Got a Lot of Livin’ to Do”, “That’s All Right”, “Don’t Be Cruel” etc. You can hear these songs and more on the CD “Elvis Presley Is alive and well” by The Beatniks (Kjell is the vocalist).

  • www.beatniks.no
  • Bobby Greer

    Bobby GreerOver the years, Bobby Greer has worked with some of the major stars of the music business. Names like: Jerry Reed, Fats Domino, The Turtles, Lou Christy, Rick Nelson, George Strait, Gary Morris, The Diamonds, Smokin’ Joe Frasier, Jan & Dean, Pat Boone, Shari Lewis, The Coasters, Dick Clark, and Elvis.Bobby toured with his show, “Elvis – The Man and His Music” for over 14 years. He toured with the “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis” show, a Canadian production using three different entertainers representing Elvis in the 50s, Elvis’ movie years, and Bobby performing Elvis’ Las Vegas years. This show played to 15,000 seat theaters from coast to coast, to packed school gyms in White Horse, Yukon Territory. The Canadian production of “The Legends of Rock and Roll” toured for five years. This show had Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and Elvis. This was probably one of the finest production shows ever created. Bobby was again chosen to close the show, because of the powerful portrayal of Elvis that only Bobby could create. Bobby Greer retired from the Music Industry in 1990.

    Today Bobby occasionally will play a single or sit in with old friends at local night spots in the Washington State area, but prefers the quiet life………… His site has video clips!

  • www.bobbygreer.com
  • Di Maggio Brothers

    A rockabilly/hillbilly group from Italy, who started out in 1997. They have released a couple of albums with original material and covers, AND some very nice versions of Elvis songs. Check out the album “Rockabilly From The Boots Up” for great covers of the Elvis songs “I’m Counting On You”, “I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine” and others. Check also out their album “At Full Speed” for great versions of “I Gotta Know” and “I Will Be Home Again”. The song “Lonely Hours” has also a great Elvis feeling!

  • www.marcodimaggio.com
  • Ted Roddy

    A very talented country music singer that also do Elvis tributes. I have his CD’s “Channelin’ E” and “Tearjoint”, which both are really great.

  • www.tedroddy.com
  • Mel Gibson new

    Talented singer. Great voice. This is, by the way, not the actor Mel Gibson. But a singer with the same name. I have his CD, “Weakness In A Man”, which I think is great. Wonderful ballads. My favorite songs are “Weakness In A Man”, “Honest I Do”, “Reconsider Baby” and “Am I Ready”. Please check out his web site for audio samples and info about Mel.

  • www.melgibsonmusic.com
  • Matt King

    One of two guys on this site with the name Matt King. This Matt King is from USA. More comments coming later…

  • www.elvisentertainer.com
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Matt_King
  • Gordon Hendricks

    Gordon Hendricks has been voted the 2005 “Stars In Their Eyes” winner on UK Television with over 84,000 viewers votes as Elvis. Since his win he was offered a recording opportunity by song writer Geoff Morrow who wrote five songs for Elvis of which Elvis released four: “Sweet Angeline”, “Let’s Be Friends”, “This Is The Story” and “A Little Bit Of Green”. The fifth song, “Where Would I Be”, Elvis passed away before recording it and Gordon has now released it as his first single.

  • www.gordonhendricks.co.uk
  • Chris T Young

    Chris has got a great Elvis-70’s-like voice. His site has pics, sound samples and even videos. It has not been updated in quite a while, so I’m not sure if the sound samples on his site works. However you can listen to sound samples at ETA Radio’s site (the second link below).

  • http://chrisyoungrocks.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/christyoung
  • Paul Ansell’s Number Nine

    Really great rock n’ roll, country & blues band from UK. The lead singer is Paul Ansell. He has a very nice voice that sometimes has a slight likeness to Elvis voice in the 50’s. His new CD “Sweet Inspiration” has some songs with Elvis connection, like a couple of songs known from “The Million Dollar Quartet”.

  • www.no9rockin.com
  • Ray Guillemette Jr.

    Very talanted tribute artist! Great Elvis-like voice! At his site you can read info about him and buy his CD’s.

  • http://bionicelvis.com
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Ray_Guillemette/index.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/rayg
  • John Doe

    John Doe, real name: Ralf Wolter, is a top Elvis tribute artist from Germany. He has toured with music stars such as Chris Andrews, Dave Dee, and The Lords. Check out his web site for info., audio samples and even video samples. Check also out his wonderful CD’s, including a tribute to Elvis called “I Live On”.

  • www.john-doe-show.de
  • Darren Lee

    Darren Lee is the winner of the “World Elvis Association Competition” Memphis Tennessee 1997. Darren is currently starring in the “American Superstars” at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas.

  • www.darren-lee.com
  • www.members.home.net/darrenleefriends/index.html
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Darren_Lee/index.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/darrenlee
  • Bogdan Kominowski

    Also known under the name Mr. Lee Grant. Bogdan is a really great singer. He can sing anything from rock n’ roll and Elvis to musicals. I recently found out about him from one of the best rock n’ roll showsever in TV, Jack Good’s, “Let’s Rock”, that aired from UK in the 80’s. He did fantastic versions of “Only The Lonely” and “Surrender”, to name two songs from the TV show.

  • www.sergent.com.au/leegrant.html
  • www.fumbleontheweb.com/sites/elvis.htm
  • Danny Louis

    Danny performes Elvis from the 68 comeback trough the Vegas years. He can do it alone with professional backing tracks or with a full band, The Elvis Presley Experience Band (EPB). Danny is a professional Elvis tribute artist and sings with a good Elvis like voice. Please check out his web site for more info. and audio samples.

  • www.dannylouis.co.uk
  • John Van Thiel

    John Van Thiel of Racine, Wisconsin, brings the King to life with his remarkable Elvis voice. Whether singing an early rocker, a soulful ballad, or a hip-swiveling movie tune, John has mastered the Elvis sound really well. Though he prefers the younger Elvis look, John loves singing all of Elvis’ material, especially some of the lesser-known songs. He portrays the King with sincerity and reverence. Please check out his web site for more info. and audio samples.

  • http://my.execpc.com/F8/7A/johnvt/elvis/bio.html
  • Tom Bartlett

    Tom BartlettElvis impersonator in the Vegas style! Tom perform in Vegas 6 days a week, and travel the globe. He has been in countless of magazines and TV shows. His official web site (link below) has two video clips, one with the legendary Jordanaires and one with his band.

  • www.tombartlett.net
  • Doug Shimizu

    A tribute artist from Toronto, Canada. He looks a little like the king (in the 70’s) in SOME of his photos, cool!

  • www.kingaloha.com
  • Kenneth Carlsson

    Kenneth is an Elvis tribute artist from Sweden. Don’t know if he has recorded any CD’s, but you can listen to him singing a few songs on his web site. Thought his version of “My Happiness” was pretty good.

  • www.kennethcarlsson.com
  • Robert Washington new

    Great Elvis voice and great Elvis moves on stage.

  • www.eenonline.com/entertainers/Robert_Washington
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMdAuRMd65Q
  • Junior Marvel new

    Junior’s real name is Frank Marques. He’s a rockabilly singer, and has done a great CD in Elvis style. It’s called “The Original Hillbilly Cat Sessions”, which I highly recommend. I would love to hear a volume 2. You can also hear his other rockabilly CD at the second link below.

  • www.rootscd.com/juniormarvelCDoriginalhillbillycat.php
  • www.cdbaby.com/cd/juniormarvel
  • Mark Elbers new

    Talanted singer and Elvis tribute artist from Holland. Real good voice, check out the videos at the links below. He has worked with Sherill Nielsen, The former Stamps Quartet, and DJ Fontana to name a few legends.

  • www.markelbers.nl
  • www.markelbers.nl/welcome (english)
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-xetwYWzj4
  • www.markelbers.nl/link/help-me
  • www.markelbers.nl/link/where-could-i-go-but-to-the-lord
  • www.markelbers.nl/link/leven-met-een-hoog-voorzieningsniveau-2
  • www.markelbers.nl/link/effenaar-eindhoven
  • Kevin Curtis new

    Talented singer from Birmingham, Alabama. Check out his web site for info., pics, audio and video.

  • www.myspace.com/kevincurtislive
  • Bill Cherry new

    Bill Cherry is a St. Louis based award winning Elvis tribute artist. Bill has been in multiple contests since 1989, placing as a finalist during Elvis week in Memphis for 4 consecutive years. He took 1st place at Blueberry Hill’s “Elvis Look Alike, Sound Alike” contest in 1990, 1991, & 1992. In 1994, Bill was 1st runner up at the “Midwest Elvis Presley Sound Alike” contest in Decatur, IL. He also won first runner up in the FIRST EVER Elvis Presley Enterprises “Ultimate Elvis Contest” held in Arnold mo. he recently won 1st place in the 2007 elvis extravaganza contest held in Henderson, KY. Bill recently won first place in the first ever 2007 “Ultimate Elvis Contest “in the lake of the ozarks where he took first place. Bill was born into a musical family and was exposed to Elvis at an early age by his parents. He has deep gospel roots, as did Elvis, and has fond memories of playing guitar and singing gospel songs with his father. Some of their favorites were “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “Peace In The Valley” and “How Great Thou Art”. Bill feels that performing a tribute to the greatest entertainer the world has ever known is a dream come true.

  • www.myspace.com/williamcherry
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSFmfQROpA4
  • Ben Portsmouth new

    Talented Elvis tribute artist from UK. Ben Portsmouth also performs in a duo format singing and playing the guitar along with fellow band member Dan Caney who plays bass and sings backing vocals. Ben also performs solo accompanied by excellent backing tracks which can be adapted to suit all events and venues. Please check out his web site and YouTube videos.

  • www.elvistribute-band.co.uk
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvsZIM20uU8
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgzlLbKBhUo
  • George Elias new

    Talented Elvis tribute artist with a good voice. Please check out hiw web site and YouTube clips.

  • www.elviselias.com/
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ha1P-XsMlI
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDvPEaXdQuo
  • Tim Hilliard new

    Elvis tribute artist and look-alike that has been performing for many years. He has several videos on YouTube, check ’em out.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0-r_E0Wi5U
  • Daniel Haglund new

    A friend of mine from Sweden. He is not a professional singer, but he does a great job singing to backing tracks and he even gets to perfome live locally where he live. He’s a big Elvis fan, but what I like about him is that he sings a lot of other songs as well. Please check out audio clips from his coming debute CD “Back On The Road Again” at his web site below. Also feel free to write in his guest book.

  • http://danielhaglund.yolasite.com
  • www.cdbaby.com/cd/danielhaglund
  • Christoff Hawkins new

    Elvis tribute artist from UK. A long time fan of Elvis and rock n’ roll music. Started out as an Elvis tribute artist in 2003. For more info and audio samples, check out his web site at the link below.

  • http://elvisimpersonatorlive.co.uk/index.html
  • Obie Sparks new

    Obie SparksObie has been paying tribute to Elvis for over 30 years and he comes to all his events with a variety of songs spanning the 50s through the 70s and is willing to accommodate and perform some song requests. He gives out scarves at different times during the show. He works with his brother-in-law, T.R., who pays tribute to Conway Twitty he also has teamed up with a friend named Jimmy Spriggs who does tribute to country legend George Jones. They sometimes work with a D.J. who has over 500 songs to choose from. The D.J. plays filler music before and after the shows so that people can dance and have fun. Their prices are reasonable. They have performed in shows all over the Southeast, including birthday parties, grand openings, nursing home events, anniversaries, and even commercials, radio and other special events. Anyone interested in a Elvis show or a Elvis/Conway Twitty show can call Obie at 770-233-8521 or 678-544-7336. For more information, check out his web site.

  • www.myspace.com/obiesparks
  • Ron Moore new

    Ron comes from Toronto and is an Elvis tribute artist with a good voice. Check out his web site for more information and audio.

  • www.songsinthekeyofelvis.com
  • Pawel Baczkowski new

    Singer and Elvis interpreter from Poland. Please check out his web site for some great audio samples.

  • www.baczkowski.art.pl
  • TJ Clementi new

    Elvis tribute artist from Wisconsin, USA. Please check out his web site for more information and audio.

  • http://www.blackvelvettcb.com/
  • Andrew Nicholas new

    Andrew NicolasPerform as an Elvis tribute artist with recorded discs, at retirement homes, clubhouses etc. in the Central FL. area (Sebring, Lake Placid, Avon Park). Can also M/C and D.J. Please check out his web site below for sound samples.

  • http://home.comcast.net/~rose_lockwood/Andrew.htm
  • Jordi Arkano

    Jordi is a talented singer from Spain. He did a great version of “Today, Tomorrow and Forever” as a duet together with the beautiful Sue Moreno. He was kind to send me a CD and a DVD. On the DVD he performes together with the very talented The Burnettes. They work really good together, and I think Jordi’s voice suites very well with the 60’s Elvis songs.

  • http://www.myspace.com/burninglovebcn
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkRDx_LvgFc
  • Yoshi Suzuki

    Yoshi started out in a Karaoke bar in Japan. He went to USA and won first place in the “Gong Show” and launched his career as an Elvis tribute artist. He has been on the TV-series “Married With Children”, on the movie “Honeymoon In Vegas” and Jay Leno’s the “Tonight Show”. He has also has recorded an entire CD with the Jordanaires. You can listen to sound samples on the sites below.

  • www.asianelvis.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/yoshi
  • Oliver Steinhoff

    Oliver SteinhoffOliver is a successful Elvis tribute artist from Switzerland. The last few years he has worked with John Wilkinson, The Imperials, The Sweet Inspirations and many more. He’s got a nice Elvis 1969-voice, just listen to the sound samples on his web site. I really liked his versions of “Any Day Now” and “Edge Of Reality” (which I have on an early CD release from Oliver).

  • www.oliver-steinhoff.de
  • www.myspace.com/oliversteinhoff new link
  • “Subway Elvis” (Mike McTaggart)

    Elvis impersonator from Canada. He has played at the subway platforms in Toronto, but also on stage with Jerry Lee Lewis, Danny & the Juniors, The Shirelles, and Bill Haley and his Comets. At the link listed below, you’ll find a video clip where you (if you listen carefully) can hear Mike sing.

  • www.tv.cbc.ca/witness/elvis/timeline.htm
  • Sal Accaputo (Selvis)

    Sal is a world renowned Elvis tribute artist, entertainer & recording artist. He has been performing Elvis for over 20 years and has been inducted into the Elvis Inpersonators Hall of Fame. He has also performed with J.D. Sumner & The Stamps in Las Vegas.

  • http://selvis.eta.tripod.com
  • Terry Tigre

    I have his LP from 1977, “Elvis, We Love You”, which I think is great. This LP also features Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, Bob Moore, Willie Rainsford, Steve Chapman and The Jordanaires. On the back side of the LP, Scotty, DJ and Neal Matthews commented Terry and they all were impressed how much he sounded like Elvis. In 1977, Terry also released the 45 rpm record “Before The Feeling Slips Away/Love Is A Poor Man’s Luxury”. To me, this record sounds less like Elvis, but still two nice songs written by Charlie Craig. Terry also relesed the singles: “This Road That I Walk/I’ll Try” and “Sunday Morning Sugartime” under the name Terry Cobb. I especially like the “Sunday Morning Sugartime”-single.

  • no links found
  • Jess Presley

    Elvis soundalike from USA. Check out his web site for information and audio clips. He also has a CD for sale with own songs in Elvis style.

  • http://statequarters.20m.com/jesspresley.html
  • Don Quinn

    Don, or Donnie Quinn, released one of my favorite Elvis soundalike recordings back in 1978: “On My Way To California/The One And Only For Me” (45 rpm vinyl single). Especially “On My Way To California” sounded a lot Elvis-like. He has also released the LP “Reno Junction“, both at “Big K Records”, and has now a gospel CD out, named “Keep The Faith“.

  • www.donniequinn.com (official page)
  • Brandon Bennett

    Click here for a bigger pictureBrandon Bennett is from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. He has won several contests. Ricki Lake’s “King Of Kings” and he is The 2002 Images Of The King World Champion, he is the youngest contestant to ever place in the 16 year history of the contest. Brandon Bennett has The Gift. He has performed in 13 different casino’s in the USA in the last 2 years with his band The Heartbreak Orchestra. His shows consist of 50’s, Army, Movies, 68 Comeback, and he has 7 B&K Jumpsuits’s for his 70’s era. Some of Brandon’s fans travel several hundred miles on a monthly bases to see him. You have to see it to believe it.

  • www.elvismyway.com (official page)
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Brandon_Bennett/index.html
  • Jon Burrows new

    Text coming later…

  • www.youtube.com/jonburrowsTN
  • John McInerny new

    Text coming later…

  • www.purevolume.com/elvisvivetributo
  • www.elvisvive.com.ar
  • www.myspace.com/elvisvivetributo
  • www.youtube.com/elvisvivetributo
  • Dennis Wise new

    Text coming later…

  • www.denniswiseforeverelvis.com
  • Joshua Presley new

    Text coming later…

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQVqWdmNwpc
  • Scotty Davis

    Scotty is from Canada. He has a nice singing voice, just listen to the sound clip in Real Audio, which you can find if you follow the link below. There can you also find more information about him.

  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/scottydavis
  • The Explosion Rockets

    The Explosion Rockets is a rock n’ roll band from the Netherlands. They play music from the 50’s and 60’s. The band started in 1959 by the name of “The Jet Black Robbers”. They later became “Savage Kalman and The Explosion Rockets”. The band has changed some members over the years, and are now performing under the name “The Explosion Rockets”. I have their CD “Teenage Heaven”, which I think is great. This CD features several Elvis covers in good Elvis sound. I especially like the singers versions of “Kiss Me Quick”, “Judy”, “Treat Me Nice”, “Forget Me Never” and “Love Letters”.

  • www.explosionrockets.nl
  • Gino Monopoli

    Talented young Elvis tribute artist from USA. Looks a bit like Elvis. Welcome to check out his web site (via the link below) for more info., pics, audio etc.

  • www.ginomonopoli.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/ginomonopoli/
  • Glenn Wish

    Elvis tribute artist from Sweden! I have his DVD “On Stage” and I think Glenn Wish with “The New Memphis Orchestra” and “The Harmonizers” are a really good live act. His web site below has audio and video clips, and merchandise for sale. Glenn was also the singer for “Comeback Special” in their CD-single release “Moody Blue”. Scandinavian fans can buy this single at: www.cdon.se.

  • www.glennwish.nu
  • Steve Sogura

    Talented Elvis tribute artist from USA. He was one of the stars in the documentary “Almost Elvis”. For more info., pictures and sound, please check out his web site.

  • www.steve-elvis-sogura.com
  • HT Long

    HT LongHT is a very talented Elvis interpreter from Malaysia (Asia). He’s called “Mr. Golden Voice” by the Elvis expert Paul Dowling (Worldwide Elvis-USA). I have his CD “The Ultimate Elvis Tribute”, which I think is great. It contains beautiful songs like “Doin’ The Best I Can” and “Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello” (plus 9 other tracks).
    HT Long - Jacqueline HT Long – Jacqueline (Real audio)
    HT Long - Goodbye HT Long – Goodbye (Real audio)

  • http://htlongelvis.weebly.com new link
  • Chance Michaels

    Talented Elvis impersonator! Great voice! For more info., pics and audio, please check out his web site listed below.

  • www.chance2bking.com
  • Dennis Jale

    Dennis is a talented rock n’ roll entertainer from Europe with lot’s of music experience. He has released several CD’s, many including Elvis songs. Check out his web site for info., and audio samples.

  • www.dennis-jale.com
  • Chris Presley

    Chris is an international Elvis entertainer. He has performed in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. He started to perform at the age of 17 in Hawaii. Please check out the links below for info., pics, and audio samples.

  • www.elvissss.com/chris.htm
  • www.followthatdreamproductions.com
  • http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/CHRISPRESLEY
  • Frank Cannon

    Frank is a talented Elvis tribute artist and singer from Florida. He and his band’s show “Honoring The Legend” have received great success touring the country (USA). He’s also a successful country music singer, and a huge fan of the music of legends such as Hank Williams and Johnny Horton. By visiting Frank’s web site you can get information about his CD’s (including the wonderful country CD “Cannon Country”) and listen to audio samples.

  • www.frankcannon.com
  • http://hometown.aol.com/cannoncountry2/
  • James Rompel

    Also using his artist name: James Love. James is a talented tribute artist from USA. He looks a lot like a young Elvis (50’s Elvis). He was also one of the stars of the TV-program “I, Elvis” (1992) from the CBS “Hardcopy” TV-series (also starring Elvis impersonators Dana McKay and Joe White). Welcome to check out the web site below for video clips etc.

  • www.elvisandfriends.com/
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCgca174cmk new link
  • Justin Edwards

    Justin EdwardsSince exploding onto the scene in early 2005, Justin Edwards has performed at clubs, casinos, private parties, specialty events, and shows. Justin started singing some of Elvis’ songs two years ago (2003) for fun, but it didn’t take long for his family and friends to realize he was very talented and actually sounded a lot like Elvis. At his web site you can listen to audio clips, check out more info and pics.

  • www.justinedwardseta.com
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Justin_Edwards/
  • http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Justin_Edwards_ETA/
  • Everett Dean

    The Hillbilly Flash! A great talent in the rockabilly business. He is no Elvis impersonator, but includes Elvis songs in his shows and has even recorded original songs with good Elvis feeling, like “Kiss Me Quick, Kiss Me True”. I’m impressed with his talents in writing songs and singing. Please check also out his version of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ORM-bqag1E

  • www.everettdean.net
  • www.myspace.com/everettdean
  • Jon Burrows

    Jon Burrows was born in October 1964, in Hampshire, England. He was raised in the beautiful countryside surrounding the New Forest, where he lived until he relocated to live in London in 1992.
    His Elvis tribute show features songs from Elvis’ entire career. From Memphis to Hollywood, to Las Vegas. Capture the magic of Elvis Presley, the greatest entertainer of all time. Close your eyes and you’ll hear Elvis, as Jon sings to music recorded live by professional musicians, open your eyes and you’ll see Elvis as Jon performs in authentic jumpsuits, made in America, from the blue prints of Elvis’ original costumes.
    The Jon Burrows Elvis Tribute Show is suitable for theatres, conventions, corporate events, clubs, private functions, Christmas and New Year celebrations, weddings, christenings, birthdays and special guest appearances. For more info. and audio, please visit his web site below.

  • www.jonburrows-thespiritofelvis.com
  • Paul Larcombe

    Paul LarcombePaul is a talented Elvis tribute artist from UK. He is the winner of the Ultimate Elvis preliminary contest in Blackpool, UK in June 2007 and a finalist in the January 2007 Walk a Golden Mile in My Shoes Elvis contest in UK. Check out his web site for more information and audio. His web site, by the way, is great done (thoughts from me who has also been a web designer).

  • www.purepresley.com
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns6cn3OVk8I
  • Ronnie Sando

    Also known under the recording artist name: R.J. Coltin. Ronnie Sando loved music as a boy. Growing up he was inspired by Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. He has recorded music with The Jordanaires, DJ Fontana and Charlie Hodge. I have that album and it’s great. I actuella have 1 LP, 1 EP (4 tracks) and 1 single (all vinyl records) by Ronnie (named RJ Coltin on these recordings). For more info about Ronnie and to listen to audio clips, please visit his web site below.

  • www.ronniesando.moonfruit.com
  • www.rockabillyhall.com/RonnieSando.html
  • Ricky Rivers

    Ricky RiversYoung Welsh Elvis Tribute Artist can be booked for all ocasions from 30 mins shows to full hour and half, from many differant eras 50s Elvis, GI Elvis, Movie Years Elvis, 68 Comeback Special Elvis and 70s Vegas Elvis, with a wide range of Elvis Songs from 50s to 70s. With the voice, all the moves and the resemblelance of the King.
    He just won Best Young Elvis Lookalike 2008, as performed on the exact same stage as Elvis did back in 1954 and 54 years later, he has performed on the Louisiana Hayride, and has a worldwide fanbase and ever growing success where ever he performs.

  • www.rickyrivers.com
  • www.myspace.com/rickyriverseta
  • www.myspace.com/rickyriversfanspace

  • Harry Johnson

    Talented Elvis tribute artist from Germany. He has a great voice and has specialized on the 60’s era of Elvis music. I like Harry’s version of the song “Bye Bye Love” sung in Elvis style. More info and audio samples at his web site.

  • www.therealelvis-harryjohnson.de
  • Emin new

    Emin Agalarovun, talented new singer from Romania, Europe. When this was written, he has released two CD’s: “Still” from 2006, and “Incredible” in 2007. All songs on “Incredible” are written by Emin. “Still” has both own songs and some very nicely done Elvis covers. They where done in a modern pop-style. Emin is no Elvis impersonator, but an Elvis inspired artist in a modern way. You can also find videos of him on YouTube. His web site below is written in Romanian, but you can listen to his songs and check out some videos there.

  • www.emin.ru
  • Leyton Sommors

    Elvis look-alike from UK. He was not really an Elvis tribute artist, but an Elvis “double” who sang ocationally. He was considered for the part as the 1977 Elvis in the documentary “This Is Elvis”, but that part got to johnny Harra. Check out his web site for more info.

  • www.myspace.com/leytonsommors
  • Kjell Elvis

    Kjell Elvis started his carer in 1988 while he was serving his duty in the Norwegian army. He have met many of Elvis musicians and singers and even performed with some of them. Norwegian and foreign TV have made several documentaries and portraits on him, except for all the general TV shows he has participated in both home and abroad. I have his CD’s and think he’s a talented Elvis tribute artist.

  • www.elvis.no/Kjellelvis/Index.htm
  • http://ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/kjell/
  • Lucky Valdano

    Talented singer and song writer from Yugoslavia. Not an Elvis impersonator, but judging from his voice – inspired by Elvis as well as country music and maybe also a little bit of Dean Martin… I have his fist CD: “Lucky Valdano 1”, which features a 8 own songs plus 1 Elvis song (“Have I Told You Lately”, in a bit different style) and 1 Dean Martin song (“Memories Are Made Of This”). My favorite songs on that album are probably “Fool For Loving You” and “Stars In Your Eyes”.

  • www.luckyvaldano.com
  • Billy Elvis (William Riopelle) new

    At the second web site below you can listen to some audio samples. If any one has some info. about his recordings (not just Elvis songs), please e-mail me and let me know. I’m always interested in good music.

  • www.searchforelvis.com/billyelvis/index.shtml
  • www.searchforelvis.com/songs/index.shtml
  • Johnny Mandell & The Muddcatts

    Johnny Mandell is a talented Elvis tribute artist, and The Muddcatts is a talented Beatles tribute band. Together they make great music! Please check out their web site for more info., pictures and audio samples.

  • www.themuddcatts.com
  • Jeff Bergen

    Jeff is a talented Elvis tribute artist, living in Kansas City. He is a gifted vocalist in his own right, with a multi-octave range, and the distinction of having studied voice with members of New York’s Metropolitan Opera. Jeff was also voted a finalist for ten weeks in a row on Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star” internet talent competition. After five years in the radio industry as an on-air personality, Jeff became a member of “The Lads Quartet”, and had the privileges to sing all over the United Stages, including several performances with J.D. Sumner and The Stamps, and The Imperials. Terry Blackwood who toured with Elvis as a member of the Imperials during the “That’s The Way It Is” era, has produced many of Jeff’s Studio recording sessions. Nowdays Jeff has become known as an Elvis tribute artist, and on his web site you can check out 3 tribute CD’s to Elvis. I have listened to the audio clips, and I think he’s got a great voice.

  • www.jumelproductions.com
  • Kike Mendez

    Kike Méndez sang “King Of The Road” in the famous Audi commercial (from Spain). We are probably more familiar with another version of that commercial featuring “The King” (a.k.a. Jim Brown). Kike is also the singer of the Spanish rockabilly band “Tequila Sunrise”. Below is a link to the band.

  • http://www.tsunrise.com/
  • www.myspace.com/loscrawfish new link
  • Andy Stankovich

    Elvis impersonator from New Zeeland. Does not look like Elvis, but has a great Elvis voice!

  • www.elvisthevoice.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/andystankovich/
  • Wayne Mullins

    Wayne sang in night clubs in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He Started singing gospel music in 82. He sings at festivals, churches, gospel singings and homecomings. For more info. and sound samples, please check out the web pages below.

  • http://waynemullins.home.att.net
  • www.musicplaces.com/christian/Wayne_Mullins
  • www.soundclick.com/pro/default.cfm?BandID=140102
  • Big Elvis (Peter Vallee)

    Peter Vallee is a big man with a big voice, there of the name “Big Elvis”. He’s a really good Elvis soundalike. You can hear him sing as you surf through his web site. He also has several wonderful CD’s for sale, that you can order directly online (at his web site), if you want.

  • www.bigelvis.biz
  • Kenny James Presley

    Read somewhere that he was called “the son of Elvis”. I have his CD single “Love To Late”, which contains two nice country songs. Looking for more information about Kenny. If you know anything more about him, like other records, contact information, web site etc., feel free to e-mail me.

  • www.mp3.com/kennyjames (link not working at the moment)
  • Kent Lundberg & One Way Brothers

    I went to see Kent Lundberg & One Way Brothers in Karlskoga, Sweden (21 Feb. 2004) and was very impressed by his show. Kent was not dressed up as Elvis, but hearing Kent Lundberg & One Way Brothers was like hearing Elvis performing with JD Sumner & The Stamps (or Jordanaires, but hearing their bass singer, I’d like to compare them with The Stamps…). One Way Brothers is probably the only real gospel quartet in Sweden (started out in the 70’s). Even though the only gospel music I have listened to is the gospel songs Elvis has done together with The Jordanaires, The Imperials and The Stamps, I think One Way Brothers probably belongs to the best gospel quartets here in Europe. I really recommend seeing Kent Lundberg & One Way Brothers live!

  • www.ep-gospel.se
  • Paul Casey

    Paul CaseyPaul is the Official Elvis of Las Vegas, 2 time Entertainer of the Year. He has recorded many albums and has toured all over the world! Check out the web site below for more information and audio clips.

  • www.americantrilogyshow.com
  • Paul Molloy

    Paul MolloyPaul is a great Elvis soundalike from the U.K., currently rated as the best early Elvis soundalike in Europe. Since his first gig in 2001, Paul has had a very interesting and profitable journey. He has gone from pubs and clubs to hotels. These days he can be seen performing in theatres across the U.K., such as the “Winter Gardens”, Blackpool. As well as this, Paul has had numerous TV appearances, and for the last 3 years has, and still does voice over work on local radio station, “Radio Lancashire”, hosted by Sir Paul McCartney’s cousin and british comedian Ted Robbins. Paul has entered competitions such as Europes No 1 Elvis comp “Walk A Golden Mile In My Shoes” 2004 and 2005, reaching both finals. Paul also reached the final of “Britians best Elvis comp” 2001. At the European Championships in Blackpool 2008, he became became Europes 3rd best Elvis tribute. As well as meeting and working with many TV and radio personalities. Paul has worked with original members of Elvis`s employees (see website). Paul can be seen in his own one man shows as well as making guest appearances as the early Elvis for many Vegas style Elvis performers. For bookings and info on future shows, please visit Pauls website.
    Sound sample Paul Molloy – Treat Me Nice
    Sound sample Paul Molloy – Peace In The Valley
    Sound sample Paul Molloy – Fever

  • www.paulmolloy.co.uk
  • Jason Knight

    Elvis tribute artist from Greenwood, Indiana. At the web site listed below you can listen to audio clips from his CD “Memphis Memories”.

  • www.cdbaby.com/jasonknight
  • Art Kleiner

    Art KleinerArt heard Elvis for the first time at the age of 12. Impressed by Elvis’ unique style and music, Art started to play the guitar and sing his songs. Soon he bagan to capture small audiences with his “Sound of Elvis”. Numerous performances for private and even public events as well as award winning contests soon followed. Art has been featured in news articles and on radio stations in America, Canada and Europe. In 1995 Art immigrated to the United States, and with his “Sound of Elvis” show he continues to be the “voice of choice” as he tours the USA and Canada. Recent rave news reviews claim: “…Art is not an Elvis caricature- he plays guitar and sings songs with passion and intensity…” and “…He sings like Elvis, looks like Cary Grant and speaks like Arnold Schwarzenegger…” or “…astounding vocal similarity to Elvis Presley…“. Though Art continues to respectfully present the voice and heart of Elvis Presley during his shows, he can also skillfully sing renditions of artists such as Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Marty Robbins, Andy Williams, Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot and Vic Damone. Art’s Elvis Limousine was featured on the recent CBS mini series “Elvis”. The Limo is available for special events as well as part of Elvis tribute shows. You can find complete info about the limousine and the mini series at his web site listed below.

  • www.soundofelvis.com
  • www.kingxpress.com
  • Michael Hoover

    Michael Hoover is the star of the show “Memories of Elvis”. His site has a biography, tour schedule, sound samples and other information.

  • www.michaelhoover.com (official site)
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/michaelhoover
  • Arik Christopher

    Comments coming later…

  • www.arikchristopher.com
  • Chris Purtee

    Chris PurteeChris was only 4 when Elvis left us. He has an uncanny resemblance to the young Elvis. Now at 30 he has been working full time as a tribute artist for 5 years. He was the 1999 professional champion at the Collingwood Elvis Festival. He has performed in Memphis, Biloxi Casino, Vegas and on Carnival, Norway, Royal Carribean and various cruise lines. He has done many charitable shows in Florida, the most recent was a benefit for the NY Police and Fireman’s Widow & Childrens Found.

  • www.naplesnews.com/01/02/marco/d595176a.htm
  • John Loos

    At the first 2 sites listed below you can hear John sing. He has a great voice!

  • http://www.johnloos.4mg.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/johnloos
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/John_Loos/index.htm
  • Matt King (UK)

    One of many good Elvis singers from UK.

  • www.mobilediscos.co.uk/elvis_impersonator.htm
  • Al Holden

    This guy is a jewel of authentic Rockabilly. His version of “Tomorrow Night” on the “Elvis – Still Alive Vol. 2” tribute album impressed many – because he kept the feeling of the original recording so well. His debut album was called “C’Mon Over”. 15 tracks – all done in that authentic 50’s SUN rockabilly style. On this album you can also find songs like: “My Happiness”, “Fool Fool Fool” and “My Heart Will Be True”. On the Amazon.de web site, you can listen to sound samples from that album.

  • www.amazon.de
  • Bobby Solo

    A legendary singer from Italy with a great voice. I have a 45 rpm vinyl record named “A Suitcase Full Of Memories”, which I think is great. I also have a vinyl EP which he recorded under the name “Duty Free”, and a CD titled “Amor Amor Amor”. His site has sound samples, discography and a lot of other stuff.

  • www.bobbysolo.com
  • Stingray Elvis

    Comments coming later…

  • www.stingrayelvis.com
  • Joe Scibetta

    A great Internet friend of mine. Can sound a lot like Elvis, and also like Buddy Holly!
    Joe Scibetta - I Love You Because Joe Scibetta – I Love You Because (Real audio)

  • www.rocknsoul.biz
  • Brolle Jr.

    Well known Swedish pop and ballad singer with a great voice. Has not recorded any Elvis songs, but his first hit single “Playing With Fire” is really good. Has however done really interesting versions of Elvis songs in Swedish TV shows as “Så ska det låta” (where he performed a strong version of “Unchained Melody”).

  • www.brollejr.com
  • Frank Anthony

    “Inspired By… The King” is the theme of which Frank Anthony successfully works on Stage, national and international. He’s known as one of the best Dutch Elvis tribute artists, and has been on Dutch national television on many occasions (Ivo Niehe T.V. Show, Catherine – RTL 4, Ushi & van Dijk – SBS6. He also was seen in the BNN documentary of Elvis impersonators in The Netherlands and Belgium.). Worldwide Frank Anthony is the only one performing LIVE the mega-hit “A Little Less Conversation” with JXL.

  • www.frankanthony.nl
  • www.myspace.com/frankanthonyinspiredbytheking
  • Mark Janicello

    Will you still be there was one three new songs that Ben Weisman wrote for Elvis’ last (never released) album. The background tracks were finished, but Elvis died before he could record the lead vocal. For 20 years, Ben Weisman looked for the perfect interpreter for this song until he heard Mark Janicello. Then, his search was ended….” This was a quote from Mark’s official web site. Beside from singing Elvis songs, Mark is also a talented opera and musical singer.

  • www.markjanicello.net
  • http://mitglied.lycos.de/janicellofanclub/
  • Pete Hutton & The Beyonders

    A great Elvis fan and a really good singer. Please check out Pete Hutton and The Beyonders fantastic CD, “Kingsville”, that features great rockabilly songs in Elvis style.

  • www.rockabilly.nl/reviews/kingsville.htm
  • Helder Moreira

    Helvis a.k.a. Helder Moreira, is a well known Elvis performer in Brazil. His web site has pictures, sound samples and a biography (in portoguese), among other things.

  • www.helvis.com.br
  • Raving Rupert

    Raving Rupert is really Malcolm Halsall from Scunthorpe, UK. He is recognised by the Guinness Book Of Records as the world’s longest serving professional Elvis impersonator. He began performing tributes in 1966, straight after leaving school at 15. I have the LP “Crusin'” that he released in 1980 under the name “Rupert”. The LP contains 12 great songs. I especially like his versions of “So Close To Heaven”, “Love Or Make Believe” and “Rockin’ Little Angel”.

  • no links found
  • Steve Preston

    A Elvis tribute artist from UK with a very nice Elvis 70’s like voice.

  • www.elvistribute.org
  • http://mywebpage.netscape.com/soloangel10/page1.html
  • Jamie Coyne

    Jamie is a talented singer, and a good Internet friend of mine. He sings all kinds of music like standards, love songs, oldies, classic country and southern gospel music. Influences include Sinatra, Englebert, Dean Martin, Wayne Newton, Elvis and others. He has made a CD that includes the legends DJ Fontana and The Jordanaires. In 1989 Jamie founded what has become the world’s largest Elvis Presley fan club with a free membership approaching 100,000 members worldwide. It’s signature production is the world famous Elvis Extravaganza impersonator contest and tribute show.

  • www.jamiecoyne.com
  • Mike Albert

    Mike Albert’s “Ultimate Tribute” show has become known worldwide for the respectful portrayal of the late Elvis Presley. Mike has a seven piece band, The Big “E” Band, to emulate the sound Elvis’ band had in the Vegas shows and on tour. For more info about Mike, including tour schedule and contact info, please visit his web site.

  • www.mikealbertsings.com
  • Ricky Aron

    Talented young Elvis tribute artist from UK. Does also a great tribute to the UK singing legends, Shakin’ Stevens and Cliff Richard. Check out his web site for more info. and for audio samples.

  • www.rickyaron.com
  • Randy Friskie

    Randy starred in the movie, “It’s Only Make Believe”, and has appeared in numerous television and radio commercials. He has performed in Las Vegas and Reno with “Legends In Concert” and “American Superstars”. He was also the star of The “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis” Show. Check out his web site for more info. and for audio samples.

  • www.randyelvisfriskie.com
  • Jim Vanhollebeke

    Jim VanHollebekeJim is a big Elvis fan and a talented singer. In the 1970’s and 1980’s he was the author of “For Elvis fans only” column in “Goldmine”, a magazine for record collectors. The first link below is Jim’s own official web site. The 4th link below is an audio-video slide show, where Jim sings “Help Me Make It Thru The Night” at Oakland Community College. At the last link below you can hear Jim sing two songs as a tribute to Ral Donner.
    Sound sampleJim Van Hollebeke – Sweet Angeline

  • www.canovan.com (Jim’s official web site)
  • http://home.twmi.rr.com/canovan
  • http://www.ietayp.com/hollebeke.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/jimvan/
  • http://home.earthlink.net/~chefstack/night1.html
  • http://j.vanhollebeke.tripod.com
  • http://www.elvis-soundalikes.com/hollebeke/
  • http://members.rogers.com/raldonner/related.htm
  • Elvis Wade

    Nice singing voice. Has sung with The Jordanaires, and released a couple of CD’s. One of the legendary Elvis tribute artists who started out in the 70’s.

  • www.elviswade.com
  • Leo Days

    Click here for a bigger picture!Leo is a young tribute artists that has won many talent contests. He does the “Honor of Elvis” tribute show.

  • www.ledpro.homestead.com
  • www.ledpro.homestead.com/Home.html
  • http://roswell.fortunecity.com/blavatsky/114/days.htm
  • Don Latymer

    Don Latymer is an “American Entertainment Performer” (from Germany), who writes his own songs. He is also famous for his Oldie Revival (oldies in new sound). I have his album “Think Of Me”, which is not bad. The album ends with a 5 minute long version of “My Boy”! The thing I like about Don’s singing is that he has the same voice on all songs, Elvis covers, other covers or own songs.

  • www.latymer.de (official site)
  • Tim Welch

    Comments coming later.

  • www.b-k-enterprises.com/timwelch.html
  • www.timwelchaselvis.com (not available?)
  • Stephen Kabakos

    Stephen is a international award winning tribute artist, and one of the most sought after Elvis stylists in USA. His show covers Elvis’ career from the early Sun Studio recordings, through to the army, movie and concert years, highlighting the ‘68 Comeback Special and movie tunes. Stephen has a 12-piece ensemble, The TVB Players, and has directed and produced his own sold-out concert productions with an overwhelming reception.

  • www.collingwoodrockswithelvis.com
  • www.tvband.com
  • Jay Zanier

    Mr. Zanier is a great singer with a great voice. His site has pics, sound samples and much more.

  • www.jayzaniereta.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/jayzanier
  • David Scott

    Elvis tribute artist and look-alike that played Elvis at the beginning of the movie “This Is Elvis”.

  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/davidscott/
  • www.contact.net/silver//book.htm
  • Mark Hussman

    Elvis impersonator from Chicago.

  • www.markelvis.com
  • Nigel Kingsley

    Nigel KingsleyNigel is a very talanted singer and Elvis tribute artist. He also does a Hawaiian styled show, which I find very interesting. He has several CD titles for sale, and you can listen to audio clips at his web site. I especially like Nigel’s recordings of songs Elvis himself never recorded.

  • www.nigelkingsley.ch
  • Big Mike

    Big Mike is from Gotland, Sweden. “Mike” started out under the name “Bro Elvis”. He has been touring hard for many years. Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Finland, USA, Asia, Spain and Turkey. Totally c:a 1000 show’s since 1987. He has performed on world famous Legendary Corners Nashville Tennessee and Grand Ole’ Oprey, Beale street Memphis Tennessee, and has hosted about 75 different radio stations. For more information, please visit Big Mike’s web site.

  • www.bigmike.se
  • Travis Morris

    Comments coming later…

  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Travis_Morris/index.htm
  • Ellis Virostko

    Talented Elvis tribute artist with a great voice! For info., pics and audio, please check out his web site listed below.

  • www.ellisatouchofmemphis.com
  • www.ellistcb.com (not available anymore)
  • Chance Tinder

    Click here for a bigger pictureHas been on “Legends in Concert”, “American Superstars”, “Showstoppers Live” and “Legendary Superstars”. Has been touring all over the world performing Elvis tributes. He now also do a Elvis show in hard rock style under the name Metal Elvis.

  • www.ElvisGuy.com
  • www.metalelvis.com
  • Rob Kingsley

    Rob KingsleyRob has now become recognized as one of the top Elvis tribute artists in Europe. Winning 3rd Place at 2007 years final of Europe’s top Elvis competition out of many of the best tributes from all over the UK and Europe. In January 2008 he won European Championships! Please check out his web site for more information, pictures, audio and video samples.

  • www.elvistributeuk.com
  • Steve Connolly

    In 1999 Steve won a prestigious contest in Las Vegas recognizing him as the Best Elvis in Vegas. Steve performs for corporate events nationally and internationally re-creating his signature show : “Spirit of the King”. He also writes his own music. Fow more info., please check out his well designed web site (link below).

  • www.spiritoftheking.com
  • Terry Buchwald

    Terry is a well known tribute artist from West New York. He has performed in several major cities in the USA and Canada. He has also performed in other countries like Japan, Puerto Rico and Mexico. He has recently released his first CD with a mix of Elvis covers and country songs.

  • www.tcbtribute.com
  • Raymond Michael

    Michael has performed for ten summers at Knott’s Berry Farm, five summers at Six Flags Over Texas, at five other Six Flags Parks, in main showrooms in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno, on national network, international and cable television shows, and in major concert tours of the United States, Canada and the world. Michael also performs in numerous corporate shows, has had his own, hour long, national cable television special, and has been featured in several MTV music videos. Dick Clark, selected Michael as one of the best Elvis tribute acts in the world. Michael’s Tribute to the King of Rock n’ Roll is also a hit at numerous city concerts and county and state fairs.

  • http://raymondmichael.com
  • Curtis Cowan

    Curtis CowanCurtis Cowan and The Rockers. “We do Country, Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Ballads, plus originals from my album “Snowing me Under” recorded at Masterlink studios in Nashville, TN. Curtis is a little like a young Jimmy Ellis. He is also the cousin of Canadian Country Superstar, Terri Clark.”
    Sound sample Curtis Cowan – Don’t Let Me Walk Out On You

  • http://users.accesscomm.ca/ccowan/Curtisrockerspage.html (Curtis Cowan and The Rockers)
  • http://users.accesscomm.ca/ccowan (Legendary Rockers Promotions)
  • Leigh Casling

    Leigh Casling is an Elvis Tribute Artist and impersonator from St Albans, UK. In Jan 2005 Leigh competed in Europe’s Elvis contest in Blackpool and won the contest. Please check out his web site for more info., pics and audio samples.

  • www.leevis.co.uk
  • Sterling

    Sterling has a great Elvis 70’s like voice. He’s retired as of March 2003, and is no longer performing, nor is his website any longer active.

  • http://elvissss.com – (no longer active)
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/sterling
  • Rebel Dean

    Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Cliff Richard and Shakin’ Stevens tribute artist! At his web site you can buy merchendise, including several CD titles, and read about him.

  • www.rebeldean.co.uk
  • Glenn Carlsson

    A new Elvis singing talent from Sweden. His web site has audio samples.

  • www.glenncarlsson.se
  • Jim Parsley

    Description coming later…

  • www.jimparsley.piczo.com
  • www.myspace.com/jimparsleymemoriesofelvis
  • Darren H

    Darren HDarren started his singing career at the tender of 17 and it was whilst working as a bluecoat for Warner Holidays that Darren discovered his unique talent.
    His uncanny ability enabled him to imitate some of the worlds most memorable artistes and following a successful season with Warners, he decided to persue his dream of becoming an established professional vocal entertainer. Well his dream certainly came true. Darren is now renowned for his Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly tribute shows, having performed them extensively throughout the UK to captivated audiences. Apart from Elvis and Buddy, Darrens other vocal impressions consist of numerous stars such as John Travolta, Cliff Richard, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, The Bee Gees, Robbie Williams, Tony Hadley and many many more!
    Darren’s extraordinary talent has seen him labelled within the industry as The Voice and once you have heard him you will understand why! Darren is also a fully fledged martial artist and as Elvis was a black belt in karate, this truly adds to the authenticity of the moves when he performs his Elvis Vegas Show. All his suits/costumes are exact replicas right down to the last detail.
    Darren has made many TV appearances including The Big Breakfast on which he appeared as both Elvis and Buddy Holly. He has also appeared on the Vanessa show and in the Cult Fiction adverts. He has also appeared in the Italian programme Film Icons and in various pop videos.
    Darren has also performed his impressions on BBC radio and performed at venues such as the N.E.C.,The Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, and Elstree Studios and in many major theatres. He was also lead vocalist of tribute band Greased Lightening and also toured with the smash hit show ‘Mamma Mia – Thank You For The Music’.
    Darren can work fully self-contained, combining his unique talent with the highest quality digital backing tracks direct from the USA and Europe, state-of-the-art sound equipment and light show where needed. He is also available with a fantastic live backing band.
    Darren is the only british ETA to have been invited and performed alongside the world famous number one ETA Doug Church (The Voice Of Elvis) both in the UK and in the USA, he also has the honour of being the official UK agent/promoter for Doug and works in conjuction with his manager Pat Schaller. Both Doug and Darren recently finished their UK tour together in April ’09 and were supported and backed by top rock and roll band Red Alert. Please check Darren’s website for future shows with Doug.

  • www.darrenhtribute.com
  • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Darrenh68
  • Jelvis (Jamie McDonnell)

    A very talented young Elvis tribute artist from England. Please search for “Jelvis” at YouTube.com for video samples. They are all very good.Please visit his web site to read more about him.

  • www.jelvisrocks.webitsmart.co.uk
  • Chad Garrett new

    No Elvis tribute artist/impersonator, but a talented singer and song writer. He began at a young age listening for hours on end to the rock music of his favorite artist, Elvis Presley. With lots of practice, he was able to duplicate the sound so well that in his early 20s he was asked to perform demos of the rock music and ballads of other songwriters to submit to Elvis Presley for his recording. Please check out his web site for more information and also audio samples.

  • http://chadgarrettmusic.com/
  • http://cdbaby.com/cd/chadgarrett
  • Claudio Santiagos new

    Great voice by this talented singer from Chile in South America. If anyone knows his web site, please let me know. Meanwhile, please check him out at the YouTube video link below.

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nlbn1hqfrM
  • http://video.aol.com/video-detail/margarita-elvis-presley-por-claudio-santiagos/2572086533
  • Darren Spears (Go Cat Go)

    He was the lead vocalist in rockabilly band “Go Cat Go”. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. You can hear some sound samples from one of the band’s CD’s at Amazon.com, just go to the link below.

  • www.amazon.com
  • www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/8244/Gocatgo.html
  • www.rockabillyhall.com/GoCatGo.html
  • www.rockbottomcds.com/gocatlets.html
  • Billy Rebel

    Billy RebelBilly is no Elvis impersonator, but he’s a huge Elvis fan and performes a number of Elvis tunes in his live shows. In 2002 he released his 25th Anniversary Tribute To the King Special Edition Single, “I Remember His First Love Song”. See picture to the left and listen to a audio clip below.

    Sound sample Billy Rebel – I Remember His First Love Song (RealAudio)
    Sound sample Billy Rebel – She’s Not You (RealAudio)
    Sound sample Billy Rebel – Peace In The Valley (RealAudio)

  • www.myspace.com/billyrebel new link
  • www.billyrebel.com new link
  • www.elvisinfonet.com/billyrebel.html
  • http://groups.google.ca/group/billy-rebel-the-spirit-of-elvis
  • www.geocities.com/ardnasmah/billyrebel.html (“To Billy From Elvis” written by Sandra Hamilton)
  • Jack Nelson

    Jack does a wonderful tribute to the gospel music of Elvis Presley. He has recorded own spiritual music as well. His web site has several sound samples.

  • www.kingofgospel.com
  • Bryan Muse

    Bryan is a very talented Elvis tribute artist. He has performed on stage with many great artists including The Drifters, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Coasters, Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, Confederate Railroad, Radney Foster and so on. At his web site you’ll find pictures and a biography among other things. Soon there will also be audio clips.

  • www.bryanmuse.com
  • Chris MacDonald

    Chris MacDonald takes you back to the early years, with songs from the 50’s and 60’s, the movie career, the comeback special and the Las Vegas years. His site has pictures, news and more.

  • www.chrismacdonaldselvis.com (official site)
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/chrismacdonald
  • Greg Miller

    Star of Las Vegas Shows, International Tours and thousands of convention and special events around the world. You can also see him in the movie “3000 Miles To Graceland”.

  • www.elvisinvegas.net
  • http://home.earthlink.net/~epinvegas
  • Johnny Lovett

    Has been performing his “In Remembrance Of Elvis” show for over 20 years. He is the only Elvis impersonator to be backed on stage by James Burton himself. His site has everything from biography to sound samples.

  • http://www.johnnylovett.com
  • Irby Gascon

    A very talented Elvis tribute artist. Check out the links below for information, pictures and audio clips.

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~tributeproductions/elvisimpersonatorirbygascon/
  • www.tributeproductions.com/Elvisimpersonator.htm
  • Terry Lee

    Real name: Bert Losscher. He began his musical career about 1961. In 1973 he formed the group “The Big Rock Revival” together with Pim Maas and Andy de Jong. He was called the Dutch Elvis and even caught the eye of Col. Tom Parker (who was originally from Holland also). He has 2 CD’s out, “The Elvis Sound Of… Terry Lee” and “The Big Rock Revival”, that you can find on Rarity Records (the link below).

  • www.rarityrecords.com
  • Con Archer

    No info. at the moment. I have not been able to reach the producer of his recordings. So, if you read this and don’t want the sound sample here, let me know and I’ll remove it.
    Sound sample Con Archer – One More Valley

  • no links available
  • Chris Drummond

    Chris is a singer from Australia. He has a unique talent for character impressions, and a vast three octave vocal range. He has a well known production show “Welcome To My World”, a show that incorporates the many faces and voices of famous stars and celebrities throughout the entertainment world (some of these include Dick Emery, Michael Crawford, Rolf Harris, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and, of course, Elvis Presley).
    His page include some history, talents, booking information, as well as the history of his writing the words to “A Single Shining Star”.

  • www.chrisdrummondwelcometomyworld.com.au
  • Mario

    Mario is a great tribute artist from England. He does not sound exactly like Elvis (who does?), but he is a great singer, AND an actor. He can be seen in a movie called “The Odyssey” with Armand Assante, Eric Roberts and Issabella Rossalini.

  • www.elvisartist.com
  • Ty Tender new

    Text coming later…

  • www.tytender.com
  • Chris Kaye new

    Text coming later…

  • www.chriskaye.at
  • Ricardo Egon new

    Text coming later…

  • www.ricardo-egon.nl
  • Sunny Aaron new

    Text coming later…

  • www.myspace.com/theworkingmansentertainer1
  • Vic Trevino Jr new

    Text coming later…

  • www.bluesuedevic.com
  • www.myspace.com/victortrevinojr
  • Deke Rivers new

    Text coming later…

  • www.myspace.com/dekeriv
  • Mark Summers new

    Text coming later…

  • www.marksummerselvis.com
  • www.elvis-tributes.co.uk
  • Eric Paisley new

    Text coming later…

  • www.myspace.com/ericgospel
  • Kees Versluys new

    Text coming later…

  • www.vivalasvegasshow.nl
  • Tyler James new

    Text coming later…

  • http://myspace.com/tylerjamesaselvis
  • www.youtube.com/Elvisman2006
  • Marcus Berg new

    Text coming later…

  • www.marcuselvis.se
  • Rene Escarcha new

    Text coming later…

  • www.renelvis.com
  • Micky Vegas

    My Name is Micky Vegas. I have been a life long Elvis fan but have only just started doing Elvis tribute in the last 2 years. Im enjoying it so much and I have new fans wherever I perform. I have been a Britains Best Elvis finalist and the Yorkshire Talent Contest Finalist.
    My show is the Vegas years and I perform in authentic replica costumes to genuine backing tracks…
    I love to keep Elvis’ music and memory alive….

  • www.myelvistribute.co.uk
  • www.myspace.com/mickygmyelvistibute
  • Gabe Phoenix

    Talented Elvis tribute artist from Australia. Does a sincere tribute to Elvis and has a good voice. Has the 60’s Elvis look, but does also a good 70’s Elvis voice. Please check out his web site for more info., and audio.

  • www.gabephoenix.com
  • www.myspace.com/gabephoenixelvisrising
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/radio/hunter/gabe/
  • Richie Santa

    Richie SantaRichie Santa is a singer living in Staten Island, New York. Ever since the age of eight when he first saw Elvis in a movie the King has been Richie’s favorite singer. His influence from an early age has moved him into a career as an entertainer. Being a professional singer for over twenty years Richie has sung many songs by many artists, but no artist gives him as much pleasure as singing songs by the King of Rock-n Roll. The band that he sings with now is called Current Affair. Being the lead singer since joining the band eleven years ago Richie has done over 1000 shows.Recently adding the title of tribute band is something they can now offer their clients. Focusing on the Vegas years happens to be Richie’s favorite part of Elvis’s career. Being the same height and weight as Elvis in his prime makes the Current Affair show “A TRIBUTE TO THE KING” a more realistic and believable experience. With arrangements being true to the originals, each song is played with conviction. Then add the power of Richie’s voice along with his stage persona and the transformation is complete. Richie captures the essence of this great artist with authentic costumes and all the accessories that one would expect when watching a tribute show. There will never be another Elvis Presley, so it is with great respect and appreciation as a fan that Richie portrays this man that has given the world so much.

  • http://www.myspace.com/elvistributethelegendliveson
  • http://currentaffairmusic.com/
  • Antoniu Petrescu

    Antoniu PetrescuAntoniu is a talented singer and Elvis tribute artist from Italy.
    …I have collaborated with different artists of various origins enriching, in this way, my musical culture. My source of inspiration was undoubtedly the figure of Elvis Presley, the unquestioned king of rock ‘n’ roll that influenced the music and the artists from half a century ago to today. I play the guitar and the piano, even if I am known as a singer of Gospel music. I achieved a degree in Theology at the Papal College Leoniano (Anagni), together with the University Teresianum of Rome, with the specialization of Pastoral Ecclesiology. I am also a consultant of the Social Communication Office of the dioceses of Avezzano and I am currently a minister in the Cathedral of Avezzano…
    At his web site you can listen to audio samples. Please check it out.

  • www.antoniupetrescu.com
  • Mark Andrew new

    Text comming later…

  • www.elvisleaveshismark.com
  • Paul Phoenix

    Text comming later…

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNOmOYbuQOs
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWvXx_zSWuE
  • Mike Chambers

    Text comming later…

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=98c1CDWqpZo
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3sNKCuG-IQ
  • Jack Gatineau

    Text comming later…

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivOpJ8zwhAU
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg4ug-q4oyw
  • Ray Hastings (RayElvis)

    Ray HastingsI’m from San Antonio, Tx. I’ve been an ETA for 8 yrs, and have been singing since I was 5 years old. Elvis has always been an inspiration and an influence in my life. The music is the most important thing when it comes to entertaining people. To see the smiles on their faces is the most gratifying thing to me. I can see it in their eyes when they have those fond memories of the music of Elvis Presley. Music is and will always be a part of my life in one way or another. It is a passion and a dream that I am very pleased to say that I am a part of. I am honored to be one of the many thousands of ETA’s in this country. I truly respect any artist that can express his or herself through music.
    Ray Hastings (aka: RayElvis)

  • http://rayelvis57.tripod.com
  • www.myspace.com/rayelvistcb
  • Maarten Jansen

    Talented Dutch singer who works a lot in Denmark and Scandinavia. He does a great tribute to Jim Reeves (just listen to his new album “Welcome To My World”), but he also sings Elvis. For video clips, please check out his web site.

  • www.maarten.cc
  • Scott Douglas and The Memphis Connection

    A Elvis tribute artist and country singer! His site has a couple of mp3 songs. On the “On The Steps Of Graceland” section of his page, you can listen to him doing some none-Elvis song, but still in the Elvis style. Nice! New comments Feb. 2005: Don’t know if this link is still valid. If anyone know Scott’s current web site address, please let me know. Thank you!
    Sound sample Scott Douglas – Wonderful Peace

  • www.thememphisconnection.com
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/scottdouglas
  • Brian Simpson

    Brian Simpson picThe Canadian Brian Simpson is one half of the “Double Trouble” show with Curtis Cowan, backed by the “Mystery Train” band. In the show he does the “Vegas years” of Elvis career. He is a revered Elvis tribute artist and has been ranked as one of the top ten Elvis performers in contests across the continent. He has had the privilege of performing in premium venues and showrooms all over the world, and is also truly dedicated to many charitable and fundraising events.
    Sound sample Brian Simpson – Suspicious Minds

  • http://community-2.webtv.net/onenightprod/BRIANELVISSIMPSON (official site)
  • www.cableregina.com/users/ccowan/artists/Singles/elvis9.html
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Brian_Simpson/index.html
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/briansimpson

  • Martin Gibson

    Comments coming later…

  • http://www.soundclick.com/martingibson
  • Robert Shaw

    Description coming later…

  • www.robertastheking.com
  • Bobby Fosmire

    Bobby Fosmire was born January 21, 1965 in Boston, MA. Bobby’s band (Bobby and the Sharptones) is very active in the New England area. In June 2000, Bobby and the Sharptones opened at the Hatch Shell in Boston for the popular group Three Dog Night, with an audience of 30 thousand people. Twice a year Bobby does his tribute to Elvis SHOW right near Elvis’s birthday,and then in August for the anniversary of his death. His first show was in 1985, and he just finished his 21th anniversary show on January 7, 2006, he still sells out shows, only now his audiences have grown to the thousands. For more info. and audio samples of Bobby’s singing, please visit his web site.

  • www.bobbyfosmire.com
  • Jenson Bloomer and The Mondo Carnes

    Elvis 70’s tribute band from England.

  • www.elvis.no/festival/jenson.htm
  • Johnny Thompson

    Johnny ThompsonJohnny is known as one of the top Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas. He has starred in the “Almost Elvis” and “The Men who would be King” documentaries and recently played Elvis in a TV-series on Sci-Fi Channel called “The Chronicle”. His web site has a lot of information, pictures, audio and even video clips.

  • www.johnny-thompson.com
  • Big City Bob

    Big City Bob, also known as Bobby Rivers. He had a CD out called “The Elvis Files”, which I have. The CD feature some really nice Elvis stuff (and 2 non-Elvis songs). I especially liked Bobby’s version of “I Will Always Love You”. This CD also feature a version of “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” sung by Elvis Presley, but re-mixed with new instruments by Big City Bob. The CD’s featured on the link below are however original material written by Bobby Rivers (modern country music in Bobby’s own style).

  • www.cdbaby.com/bob
  • http://bobbyriversshow.com
  • Elvis & The Roustabouts

    The name of the singer really is Elvis. He is also one of the Elvis impersonators you can see in the movie “3000 Miles To Graceland”. Elvis can take you from the movie years to the Comeback Special, and on through to the Aloha and Vegas years. Elvis and the Roustabouts perform at many conventions, casinos, and fairs throughout the country, and are known for their special tribute to veterans.

  • www.elvisandtheroustabouts.com
  • Adam Ashcroft

    A successful tribute artist from England. Site has sound samples.

  • www.adamashcroft.elvispresley.co.uk/adam.htm
  • www.ashcroftbryant.freeserve.co.uk/
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/adamashcroft
  • Johnny Seaton

    Talented singer, who does a great Elvis but also his own original music. He has been a guest on many major national TV shows: the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, Entertainment Tonight, Showbiz Today and The Regis and Kathy Lee Show. He have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest stars in the business: Carl Perkins, Roseann Cash, The Jordanaires, and many others. At his web site you can read all about his career and all the great shows he has been in, you can see pictures, hear him sing and order CD’s.

  • www.johnnyseaton.com (official web site)
  • www.JohnnySeaton-BadBehavior.com
  • www.lvrj.com/lvrj_home/2001/Aug-17-Fri-2001/weekly/16766157.html
  • Pasquale Ferro

    Known as The Young Elvis. Hi looks a lot like the young Elvis, unfortunately I have not heard him sing though. If you have heard or seen him, or if you know where to find sound samples, please let me know…

  • http://roswell.fortunecity.com/communion/78/ferro.htm
  • http://roswell.fortunecity.com/blavatsky/114/pasqmain.htm
  • Danny Mirror

    Real name: Eddy Owens. Sang “I Remember Elvis Presley”. One of the best tribute songs I have ever heard. Does anybody know if there is a web site with info on him?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB0U0KxNeD4
  • Alex Wong

    Alex WongAlex is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When Elvis left the building (for good), he was only 2 years old. As a kid, his dad, Bruce Wong, would listen to all his Elvis songs, and so Alex grew up with Elvis’ evergreen songs. In 2002, Light & Easy FM organised a national “Search For Elvis” competition. Alex was crowned the Champion, with the grand prize of a trip to Graceland, Memphis. Life was never the same after that. He began performing for many events and has since earned himself the recognition as one of the elite few outstanding local Elvis impersonators.

  • http://elvisalex.blogspot.com/
  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=hlrTG4nhD_8 (Alex singing “Love Me Tender”)
  • Ken Rondell

    Real name: Ken Winkles. Elvis sound-alike that has proclaimed himself as “The New King”. He started out in the military in Germany, 1977 with an Elvis tribute show called “Ken Rondell And The Country Rock Revue” together with Randy “Big Ran” Feuers. Check out his new CD at the link below.

  • www.cdbaby.com/cd/bigran
  • Dan Cunningham

    Comments coming later…

  • www.danaselvis.com
  • Craig Newell

    Craig has done several national and international television commercials, and played the part of Elvis in the movie, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, TNT, MTV, and the BBC. He has performed on every venue available, from restaurant, dinner theatre and concert halls to fairs, amusement parks, circuses, and casino showrooms.

  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Craig_Newell
  • www.geocities.com/miloelvis_au_2000/impersonatorsf/newell.html
  • Mark Lee Pringle

    Mark Lee PringleMark Lee Pringle as the “HillBilly Cat”, a Tribute to the early Elvis, 1954-1958. Mark has been an Elvis fan for as long as he can remember. He has borrowed Elvis voice before with numerous Country bands in the seventies and eighties, but has just recently decided to enter the world of ETA’s (Elvis Tribute Artist). Mark also plays piano on a song or two during select concerts, as well as being the ONLY Elvis tribute artist, (so far) to use a full size replica of the RCA “Nipper”-dog on stage, just like Elvis did during his 1950’s concerts.

  • www.webspawner.com/users/hillbillycat/index.html
  • Darrin

    Darrins tribute to Elvis goes from the hip swiveling period of the 1950’s to the Las Vegas slick style era of the 1970’s. Beside from Elvis, Darrin got his inspiration from “Alan – The Original Tribute To Elvis”. Pictures, contact info. and other stuff available at the link below. Please visit!

  • www.darrinelvis.com
  • www.magicandmovie.com
  • Ian Venters

    He looks a little like the 50’s Elvis. Does not sound like Elvis, but he still sings very good!

  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/ianventers
  • Patrick Johnson

    A great Internet friend of mine. He sings very good, and he is not a professional singer.

  • www.elvis-soundalikes.com/patrickjohnson
  • Steve McCarty

    Another Internet friend of mine, and a really good Elvis singer! Just listen to the sound sample below.
    Sound sample Steve McCarty – All Shook Up

  • No links available.
  • Quentin Flagg

    Quentin FlaggQuentin is a 17 year old (when this was written) tribute artist from Argos, Indiana. He has won several competitions around USA, and in Jan 2001 he will be making a 5 city tour for the Elvis Birthday Tribute show with Shawn Klush and Ryan Pelton. He does a great tribute to the young Elvis, and he does not stand still on stage. I think it’s great that such a young person are interested in Elvis music and does tribute shows to his honour. You can also see him in the movie “Almost Elvis”.

  • http://quentinflagg2000.freeservers.com
  • The ExSpence Account Showband

    The World’s #1 Touring Elvis Tribute Orchestra. Available for hire for all events. EAS is a professional 10 piece Elvis tribute band that tours and performs behind Elvis tribute artists all over the world. Founded back in the early 1970’s, EAS takes great pride in their ability to master all eras of Elvis’s prolific and magical career. The EAS vision is to keep Elvis’s memory alive with true representations of his music dating from the 1950’s through 1977.
    EAS is the only band worldwide sanctioned by E.P.E. / Graceland. They have backed the best of the best ETA’s including Shawn Klush, Ryan Pelton & Rick Saucedo just to name a few. The band has performed sold out shows in Ireland, Canada and many events in the United States.

  • www.elvistributeband.com
  • Terry Mike Jeffrey

    Jeffrey is a musical chameleon: singer, songwriter, actor, musician, band leader, musical director, arranger and entertainer.

  • www.terrymike.com
  • PJ Proby

    Borned James Marcus Smith, but started his career under the name Jett Powers. Later on he called himself P.J. Proby, which is the name most people knows him under. He recorded a lot of demos for Elvis, and he played the 70’s Elvis in the musical “Elvis” at Astoria Theatre, London in 1977 (Shakin’ Stevens and Timothy Withnall portraying Elvis in the 50’s and 60’s). The musical runned successfully for 19 months and got the theatre award for best musical of the year. In 1996 he did the musical “Elvis” again, this time with Alexander Bar as a young Elvis.

  • http://pjproby.net new link
  • www.p.j.proby.co.uk
  • http://w1.422.telia.com/~u42210721/index.htm
  • www.rocksbackpages.com/features/fowley/fowley_chapter1.html
  • http://home.swipnet.se/~w-25396/
  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/proby/
  • Elvis Junior

    Elvis Junior is an Elvis tribute artist from Belgium, Europe. He is the winner of “Elvis of Europe” impersonator contest, 2003. He also got the third place at the World Championship in Memphis Tennessee, the same year. At the link below, you can see a couple of pictures of him.

  • www.elvisjunior.com
  • www.elvismemoriesbelgium.homestead.com/Imitators.html
  • Marcus Wells

    Marcus recreates the 1977 Sundial tour. He became the overall grand champion at Brantford’s Elvis Fest and a Collingwood semi-finalist in 2002. At his site you can listen to sound samples, see some photos and read about other stuff.

  • www.marcuswells.com
  • Sammy Stone Atchinson

    An Elvis impersonator that also does country and gospel. He does a nice version of the song “Spelling On The Stone” that Dan Willis recorded on the vinyl LP with the same title.

  • www.great-recordings.com/doby.htm
  • Dennis Kolb

    Dennis has been in the business for over 20 years! He has performed all over USA, including one of President Clinton’s Inaugural parties in 1992. At the 3:rd link below you can listen to Dennis sing “Rockin’ Christmas Stockin'” in a Elvis kind of style.

  • www.junctionentertainment.com/elvis.html
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Dennis_Kolb
  • www.cdbaby.com/cd/singermusic
  • Donnie James

    Donnie is a huge fan of Elvis, Elvis who have inspired him since a very early age. Growing up in the Okanagan, Victoria and Hawaii, Donnie was writing songs at the age of 6 and imitating Elvis even earlier. Donnie has gone on to perform in many shows. He was a finalist in his first ETA competition and a semi-finalist in the Shaw Cable Star Search. He has also recorded a CD with original music, titled: “Please Send Me An Angel”. You can listen to audio clips at his web site.

  • www.donnieelvisjames.com
  • Charles King

    “The Shaddow Of Elvis”. Charles is a internationally acclaimed impressionist.

  • www.elvislive.netfirms.com
  • David Lomond

    David Lomond is a international Hawaiian recording artist. World-renowned nationally-ranked Elvis entertainer. Professional DeeJay, Emcee and television personality. He does not look like Elvis, but he has a nice voice!

  • www.davidlomond.com (official site)
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/David_Lomond/index.html
  • Robin Kelley

    Robin Kelly was the winner of the 2002 Collingwood Elvis Festival. Collingwood played host to over 70,000 fans and over 100 tribute artists from all over the world. Robin competed against 30 other tribute artists for the title of “Grand Champion” in the Professional category. He was also finalist in the “Images Of The King” Competition – Memphis, Tennessee August 2002.

  • www.robinkelly.net
  • Paul Ross

    Multi award-winning Elvis Entertainer Paul Ross is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and tours Canada and the US presenting his “Elvis On Tour” Showcase. His web site has audio clips, biography, pictures and many other things.

  • www.paulross.net
  • Lou Vuto

    Lou is popular as an Elvis artist, but he also does great tribute to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones in his shows. He has worked with many of Elvis’ musicians: Charlie Hodge, J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet, The Sweet Inspirations, and The Jordanaiers. For more info., please check out his web site at the link below.

  • www.louvuto.com
  • Jim Westover

    Jim WestoverJim is a professional Elvis impersonator from USA. He has a own band with talented musicians. At his web site he has audio samples, pics and info.

  • www.imageofelvis.com
  • Jimmy Rice

    Jimmy Rice was the drummer in Ral Donner’s second group The Gents. He has a great voice, and he sound a lot like Ral (not so much like Elvis however). He recorded for the label Red Bird, and released the single “SPANISH PERFUME/THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER” (in the 60’s). The song “Spanish Perfume” is also on the CD “The Red Bird Story” vol 4. If anyone knows something more about Jimmy, you are welcome to e-mail me.
    The first link (below) is to a interview with Ral Donner where he mentions Jimmy shortly. The second link leads to a page where you can listen to the 2 songs mentioned above.

  • http://members.rogers.com/raldonner/goldmine.htm
  • http://members.rogers.com/raldonner/related.htm
  • Stefan Wikström

    Swedish tribute artist. He started out as the young Elvis on the show “Are you lonesome tonight” in 1986. In 1993 he won the “Swedish Elvis song contest”. Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana was in the jury!

  • www.stefanwikstrom.com
  • Elvis Gold (Wally Tiemer)

    Comments coming later…

  • www.elvisgold.com (official site)
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Wally_Tiemer/index.html
  • Danny Everett

    Danny is no Elvis impersonator, but he’s a talented singer/Elvis soundalike from Holland (indo-rocker). I have his CD’s “Danny Everett And Friends” and “Indo Dreams”, vol 2, which I think are very good. The CD’s contain some Elvis songs, and some other great songs as well, all with a nice Dutch accént. His web site (link below) is in the Dutch language.

  • www.dannyeverett.nl
  • David Crews and The Sweet Sensations

    David CrewsDavid specializes in Elvis Tribute Shows which are historican re-creations and re-enactments of Elvis’ greatest shows in Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden and Hawaii. From romantic Elvis songs to rock-n-roll hits, David Crews covers them all. He has done Over 1000 Elvis Tribute Shows Since 1996. With true entertainment professionalism and respect David Crews has earned the right to be listed on Graceland’s “acknowledged” list of National Elvis Tribute Artists. “The Sweet Sensations” his all-female backup group is available for shows and is in constant demand.

  • www.elvisentertainmentofmphs.com
  • Fred Wolfe

    Fred WolfeCheck out the following websites of Fred Wolfe doing his tribute to the King of Rock and Roll. Fred has spent a large part of his singing career paying tribute to the great Elvis Presley. Fred’s diversity allows him to do all the different era’s of Elvis. Fred performs songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. His outfits include the Gold Lamé, G.I. Blues, Speedway, Blue Hawaii, and a variety of jumpsuits. Fred really enjoys singing and performing the great songs of Elvis. If you have not already seen Fred perform, his stage presence from singing and performing the moves of Elvis will astound you.
    Fred Wolfe - Just Pretend Fred Wolfe – Just Pretend (Real audio)
    Fred Wolfe - Return To Sender Fred Wolfe – Return To Sender (mp3)

  • www.fredwolfe.com (official site)
  • www.fredwolfefans.com (fan site)
  • Ritchie Newton

    Elvis fan from early age – to hard rocker – to Elvis tribute artist. Richie is a talented singer, who has performed in both Europe and Asia. He is now based in Thailand. Ritchie has a great looking web site with lot’s of information. Feel free to visit it via the link below.

  • www.ritchienewton.com
  • Elvis Shmelvis

    Elvis Shmelvis is one of the leading Elvis tribute artists in the UK. Having performed on thousands of occasions in clubs, concerts and functions throughout the UK. Elvis Shmelvis has performed his own show in London’s West End, was the closing act at the London Arena, and has been entertaining pre-match and halftime crowds at Arsenal FC, Watford FC and Luton Town FC. For more info., pictures and sound, please check out his web site.

  • www.shmelvis.com
  • Tim McCoy

    Tim is a non-professional Elvis singer from Huntingdon, TN. He’s a huge Elvis fan, and sings karaoke for fun and to entertain people. A quote from one of Tim’s e-mails to me, about his singing and Elvis: I like to help keep his spirit alive, people love good Elvis songs sung still after all these years. He has been told he sounds a lot like Elvis. Maybe we could get an audio sample here in the future… Feel free to e-mail him at his address below.

  • E-mail: tmccoy13@hotmail.com
  • Ron Starr

    A talented singer. You can get lots of info. and listen to sound samples on the sites listed below.

  • www.ronstarr.net (official site)
  • www.angelfire.com/rock/ronstarr (same site as above)
  • http://hometown.aol.com/rstarr813
  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/ronstarr
  • www.elvisentertainersonline.com/entertainers/Ron_Starr/index.html
  • Garyelvis Britt

    Garyelvis BrittGaryelvis has been a faithful Elvis Presley fan for over 30 years. He performs his tribute to Elvis all over the U.S. and Canada. He has also performed in Saigon, South Vietnam, as well as Costa Rica and Central America. He has been awarded the prestigious “Spirit of Elvis” award in the U.S. as well as Canada. As of this writing, Garyelvis has recorded 3 cd’s. “Tribute to Elvis – The 70’s”, “Gospel Memories” and “Tribute to Elvis – The 50’s”. Very soon, he will be releasing his next cd, called “An American Christmas”. All of the proceeds of this cd will go to the “Love Me Tender Day Charity Project” that Garyelvis founded back in July of 2000 that regularly benefits hospitalized children and needy families.

  • www.garyelvis.com
  • Keith Anderson

    Keith AndersonElvis look-alike (in profession between 1992 and 1996) from Pennsylvania. He has been an Elvis fan since the age of 10. He has worked with other Look-alikes in “Pennsylvania Superstar Celebrity Look-alikes”. He has won Several look-alike contests in Pennsylvania area. He has appeared in Several T.V. commercials and talk shows in the Pennsylvania area. His biggest influences in persuing a look-alike career has been the Elvis impersonators “Little El”, and “Big El”. His Biggest thrill of doing Elvis was winning an Elvis look-alike contest in a promotion for the movie “Honeymoon In Vegas”. If you’re interested in contacting Keith, his e-mail address is:Kamuscle7@aol.com.

  • www.inspiredbytheking.com/keithanderson
  • Ralf Lainevool new

    Ralf LainevoolRalf Lainevool (39 years old when this was written in 2008) is almost the only Elvis impersonator in the little country of Estonia, who have chosen Elvis Presley in the 70’s as a speciality in their shows. It all started for Ralf when Elvis 70’s birtyday was celebrated by the Elvis fan club of Estonia (see www.elvis.ee), which was run by Tõnu Tuulas. The well received celebration party closed, of course, with karaoke. And it was there the singing career of Ralf started! Allthough he has been a fan of Elvis since the end of the 70’s. Today he has recorded Elvis songs from all eras, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as gospel, movie songs and duets with different famous Estonian artists.
    There are probably a lot of talented performers of Elvis songs in Estonia, but their program are often not entirely built on Elvis songs, like Ralf’s. Ralf offer a 2×25 minutes megamix show with Elvis 70’s music. So one of showbussiness most known nisches are now also represented in Estonia.

  • www.ralflainevool.com
  • Sven Franz von Bülow

    Very talanted artist from Hamburg, Germany. Singer, moderator, composer, song writer and actor. I saw him live at the Swedish Elvis Festival in Västerås, Nov. 2003, where he sang two songs. He has a voice that suites very well for Elvis songs from the early 60’s. His version of “No More” was fantastic! He’s got a huge German accent, but that’s just nice to listen to.

  • www.sven.franz-von-buelow.de.vu
  • Anders Karlstedt

    Swedish singer and Elvis tribute artist. Has recorded several CD’s with covers (both Elvis and other artists) and own songs. He has also recorded newly written songs by Dan Willis (known for the song “Spelling On The Stone”) who also produced his latest CD released in May 2008. That CD also features The Jordanaires and Sherill Nielsen. Check out his web site for more info., pictures and audio samples.

  • www.elvis4u2.se
  • Ruben Castillo

    Ruben CastilloNew Jersey’s Entertaining Elvis Impersonator is Ruben Castillo. Ruben is a native of Toms River, NJ where he performed in many community theater productions such as Oliver, Scrooge, and Man of La Mancha. Now, Ruben is making the business of being Elvis his career as a Professional Elvis Impersonator and Tribute Artist. Ruben is an up and coming artist with a good voice and a three octave range. He is a student of Elvis music and specializes in a number of eras including Movies, 70’s Concert and Gospel. After just eleven short months, Ruben is working to promote his name and his natural singing ability by participating in contests and festivals. In fact, his energetic performance at the Reflections of the King Contest at Blasdell NY was good enough to earn him Second Place. Have Ruben Castillo at your next event and you, too, will agree … Ruben is New Jersey’s Entertaining Elvis Impersonator.
    Contact info: 61 fielder ave seaside heights nj ocean county, (732) 207-9916.

  • www.tkaiproductions.com
  • Dave B

    ‘One Night of Elvis’ Competition UK 2007 Finalist. Dave.B is an experienced solo vocalist who’s two part act contains the Rock n Roll music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.
    His LIVE show is just over two hours long with the first act containing Songs from artists such as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Billy Fury, Cliff Richard, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more.
    Depending on the venue Dave.B can also accommodate artists such as Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Mud, T Rex, Billy Joel, Alvin Stardust etc.
    But it’s his act two that Dave.B is renown for, his vocally accurate tribute to easily the Greatest of them all the KING that is Mr ELVIS PRESLEY. For this one hour is the reason Dave.B is a very busy man indeed. He covers the full spectrum of songs from the KINGS all too short life.
    With TV, theatre and radio experience behind him Dave.B can deliver a knockout night out for all ages. Any venue is catered for so get him to your function and rock, bop and dance the night away.

  • www.davebrockinyears.co.uk
  • Michael Chapin

    Comments coming later… If anyone have some info you like to share, feel free to e-mail me.

  • www.elvis-99.com/e99 (he may have changed web site address)
  • Kevin Curtis

    Kevin CurtisKevin Curtis was born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised in Natchez, MS. With a career spanning two decades, he began honing his musical abilities at an early age. Winning his first talent contest at the age of 10 at the Natchez, MS, Territory fairgrounds performing a “Tribute to Elvis®” proved to be the start of a lasting career. By age 14, Kevin was performing in various talent competitions all over the South and singing lead in his first band.
    After winning the Chicago Daily Plaza National Talent Search at 18, Kevin worked on polishing his art of impressions in the hopes of taking his act on the road. His feel for country music, coupled with his electrifying performances, quickly established him as an up and coming rising star in country music. Kevin’s “Tribute to the Stars” show is packed with excitement and versatility.
    Kevin is a 7-time World finalist in the largest Elvis® Impersonator Contest, “Images of the King” held in Memphis, TN. Kevin performed at the 4th & 5th Annual Elvis® Presley Festival in Tupelo, MS, at Milam elementary school (the school Elvis® attended) on June 1, 2002.

  • www.geocities.com/elvisguy4u
  • http://www.myspace.com/kcandthebayouband
  • Turbo Elvis

    Linton Osborne as Turbo, and various other musicians of the highest calibre! A talented Elvis tribute artist with a good voice. Please check out his web site for more info. and audio samples.

  • www.myspace.com/turboelvisgti
  • Duke Mason

    Duke Mason is a special performer because of his unique height of only 46 inches. However, his talent and charismatic personality bring a respect and dignity to his singing that only few are chosen to have. A truly multi-talented and exciting performer, Duke sings, plays guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. Duke has appeared on programs with country greats including: George Jones, Dale Evans, The Blackwoods, Albert E. Brumley Jr., Pat Boone, LeRoy VanDyke, Archie Campbell, Faron Young, “Hee – Haw ” star Lulu Roman, Donna Douglas of “The Beverly Hillbilly’s “, and many others. Duke has also appeared as a soloist and piano player for country music singer Tommy Overstreet. On several occasions, Duke hs had the honor of performing with the legendary singing group The Jordanaires. Duke has a great singing voice and you can read more about him and listen to audio samples at his web site.

  • www.dukemason.com
  • Steve van der Valk

    Steve van der ValkSteve is a talented Elvis tribute artist from England. Steve currently performs two types of show, The Steve van der Valk show consists of a wide variety of songs made famous by Ray Charles, Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, The Walker Brothers, The Pointer Sisters, Paul Weller to name a few. The other is an Elvis tribute show called The Elvis Experience, which draws on songs made famous by the King from Teddy bear and Dont be cruel to Suspicious Minds and The American Trilogy “my aim is to create a little of the magic of an Elvis Vegas show” says Steve.
    The name Van der Valk is an inherited one from his time spent in Holland where Steve has worked extensively with a Band as lead singer, touring around Holland, Germany and Sweden.

  • www.stevevandervalk.co.uk
  • Mike Bravener

    Mike BravenerMike is a talented Elvis tribute artist. But he does not only do Elvis songs. In late 2006, Mike teamed up with a crew of seriously talented musicians to form The Rockin’ Billies. They play all of the the greatest hits from Sun records, and well … they rock! You can read more and even listen to sound samples at the web sites listed below.

  • www.mikebravener.com
  • www.rockinbillies.com
  • Jonny Winters new

    Jonny WintersAbout me: I have been one of the first Elvis Tribute Artists in Europe, live in Germany in kind of an Elvis Museum, was the first to establish merchandise around the King long time ago in Germany and to have meetings with many fans from Germany and the Switzerlands. I still am very active, since 2008 I have dedicated my life – again- 100 percent to show business and RR&R; I had concerts in Italy, Poland, Switzerlands, Spain, USA, I do Gospel as well as R&R and my orchestra is a professional band of 11 musicians and vocalists. I am working on the building of Elvis Presley for 30 years now and I will keep on rocking for all those who love R&R Music.

  • www.elvisgala.de
  • Tim Dudley new

    Tim Dudley was born on Febuary 10, 1984 in South Carolina. Tim has lived all over US (Georgia, Louisiana) but now lives in South Bend/ Mishawaka, Indiana area. Tim has been performing his Elvis Tribute act for just a few years now and this has been his dream to perform and pay tribute to Elvis. Please check out his web site for more information, pictures and audio.

  • www.geocities.com/dudcowboy_1/
  • Joseph King

    In 2004 Joseph was voted one of the best Elvis impersonators in Europe. He has created two groundbreaking tribute shows, based upon Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. He has has also created with the help of his guitarist and close friend Kev Sharpe a two-piece acoustic duo named “Corloene”, and under this name perform anything from corporate to private functions. For more info. and audio samples, please check out his web site listed below.

  • www.josephkingtributes.co.uk
  • Elvis Wayne

    Elvis Wayne is an Elvis tribute artist from Ft. Myers, Fl. He’s a member of the EEN (Elvis Entertainers Network). He has performed in Las Vegas with the Jordanairs. His web site has more info., picture and lot’s of audio clips. Please check it out.

  • www.elviswayne.net
  • Relvis

    Comments/bio coming later…

  • http://elvisinnewyork.com
  • The EP Express

    The EP Express is comprised of 10 of the best musicians, vocalists and songwriters that Memphis has to offer. The band perform primarily Elvis songs from his Vegas years 1969-1977. They also perform other music from country to rock and blues to southern rock and original material. Every member of the EP Express is a fan of Elvis and has been influenced by Elvis in one form or another.

  • www.epexpress.net
  • Kevin Boucher

    Kevin grew up in Sutton, Massachusetts, USA. Now he’s living and working in Italy. He’s also a talented Elvis tribute artist, even though he’s just started his Elvis singing career. Kevin is probably the only Elvis tribute artist/impersonator in the Veneto region of Italy. Please check out his web site for more info. and audio clips!

  • www.elvistributeshow.com
  • Danny Beissel

    Quote from his web site: “With influences ranging from Ray Charles, to Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Robert Plant, Danny personifies the history and direction of American Rock n’ Blues.” For more info. and audio clips, please check out his web site.

  • www.dannyblive.com
  • David Lee

    David LeeDavid Lee is from Birmingham, Alabama. He has been performing his tribute to Elvis since 1995 throughout the United States and Canada. With many years of experience and accomplishments, his most highly regarded honors are placing 2nd in the world 2003 Images of the King contest, and becoming the Canadian grand champion Elvis Fest 2001. David Lee considers it an extreme honor to perform to fans and people who really love Elvis as he does.
    David Lee has become well known in Birmingham and across North America. Many call him “Birmingham’s Favorite Elvis Entertainer”. He is a “World Class-Award Winning” Entertainer, with the numerous successful performances/appearances to his credit, including TV appearances on the “Ricki Lake Show” and the hit show “Insomniac”.
    Sound sample David Lee – It’s Midnight (RealAudio)

  • www.thedavidleeshow.com
  • www.davidleerocks.com
  • Chuck Memphis

    Rock n’ roll and country singer. Has performed with many great artists like: Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, The Coasters, Shakin’ Stevens and Jerry Lee Lewis. On the page listed below, you can hear Chuck sing “Three Steps To Heaven” in Elvis style!

  • www.country-artists.com/chuck_memphis.htm
  • Jim E. Curtin

    Jim ‘E’ Curtin is a world-renown entertainer who has been performing and entertaining for over 20 years. At his site you can listen to sound samples!

  • http://jimecurtin.250x.com/index.html
  • http://jimecurtin.250x.com/jim.html
  • Bobby Salerno

    Comments coming later…

  • www.ladyluckmusic.com/artists/bobbysalerno
  • Artie Mentz

    Description coming later…

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=vahHWFeyWio
  • www.accessdubuque.com/nightlife/index.cfm
  • Eddie Falcon

    Eddie has been a lifelong fan of Elvis. He has been performing for several years, and recently (2004) he had two very successful tours in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at casinos. Check out his site (the link below) for more information about Eddie and his Elvis tribute.

  • http://eddiefalcon.tripod.com
  • Joe Kent

    Comments coming later…

  • http://hometown.aol.com/sombrasites/webtv/edition57.htm
  • http://home.talkcity.com/LibrettoLn/ssandifer
  • Todd Martin

    Todd has been performing his “Tribute to Elvis” for about 5 years. He is a four time finalist in the world championship competition at the Images of the King contest in Memphis, Tennessee. Todd was also the Grand Champion of the 2002 “All Shook Up” in Branson contest. Todd’s show usually includes several costume changes, covering every era of Elvis’ career, the “50’s”, the Army years, the Movies, the’68 Comeback Special, and the Vegas Era. His costumes are replicas of those worn by ‘the king’ himself.

  • www.toddcmartin.com
  • Jay Curtman

    Sgt. Jay Curtman has been singing Southern Gospel Music for as long as he can remember. As a young child he learned that he had an ear for picking out old hymns and standards on the piano and soon afterward he developed an interest in the guitar. His major influences are Elvis Presley, Jake Hess, Gary McSpadden, The Cathedrals, The Happy Goodmans and many others. Officer Jay now writes and sings his own music. He is not only a singer/songwriter but also a former youth director.

  • www.soundclick.com/bands/2/jaycurtmanmusic.htm
  • www.soundclick.com/jaycurtman.htm
  • http://members.fortunecity.com/singingcop/_singing_copx.html
  • Todd Luxton

    Todd LuxtonTodd’s tribute to Elvis Presley has taken him across the country with numerous performances including casinos, dinner theaters and stage shows. He has been performing Elvis to delighted crowds for over 17 years. He has won every contest he has ever entered, including one in Michigan and three in Arizona, beating over 30 other contestants at Harrah’s and 40 contestants at Apacheland Movie Ranch, where Elvis actually filmed his movie “Charro”. He has also worked with the touring company ofLegendary Superstars and the well-known Legends in Concert in Las Vegas.

    Sound sample Todd Luxton – Let It Be Me (RealAudio)

  • www.toddluxton.com
  • Neil J Duncan

    Neil J DuncanNeil is a very talented singer with a great voice. Just check out his audio samples on his web site or buy a CD (he offers customized CD’s, just for you). Neil is known as one of the best Elvis tribute artists in the UK. He has just been voted No 2 Elvis Tribute Artist in Europe, and even better than that had a great endorsement from Larry Geller, who was one of the judges, and of course friend and confidant to Elvis himself. He said of Neil:“his voice just blew me away, so powerful, yet controlled, just like Elvis”. In April 2005 he was crowned ‘King of Kings’ in London, beating off fierce competition from 45 top class ETA’s, His prize is every ETA’s dream,…. to perform in a top hotel in Las Vegas in 2006!! He grows from strength to strength and is now performing with a top class band, complete with brass and backing singers.

  • www.elvisinthebuilding.com
  • Curt Lechner

    Curt has been an Elvis fan all of his life. This lifelong admiration and true appreciation of Elvis and his music has lead to a career as an Elvis Tribute Artist. His “Just Pretend Elvis Tribute Show” is done with a great deal of respect and dignity, paying homage to the one and only “King Of Rock N Roll”. Curt has placed in many contests throughout the country and has been a two time finalist in the Images of The King Contest, a worldwide competition held annually in Memphis.

  • www.curtlechner.com
  • Mike Davis

    Talented singer who does both Elvis tributes and tributes to other great singers. Mike is a true entertainer! For more info. and audio samples, please check out his wonderful designed web site. Just follow the link below.

  • www.todayselvis.com
  • Peter Triantis

    Peter TriantisKnown as “Elvis To A ‘T'”. Peter has been singing for 5 years (when this was written in early 2005), and has performed at places such as: Crown Showroom, Metro, Hugos, Hillcrest, Channel 31, Palace, and Dome. He has won the No 1 Elvis competition for the South Pacific, Robert Tufo Elvis Festival. His voice was voted closest to Elvis by Greek singing star Kostas Kappralos. Pete has also recorded Elvis top 40 hits.

  • no links found
  • Shelvis

    Shelvis is the world record holder in singing Elvis songs nonstop. His record is 40 hours, 8 minutes and 2 seconds! Please visit his web site for more info, pics, audio and video.

  • www.shelvis.de
  • Casper Slee

    Casper SleeCasper Slee is an Elvis tribute artist from the Netherlands (Holland), born and raised in the city of Hoorn. He has been a Elvis fan since he was five years old, and the last five years (when this text was written) he’s been an Elvis tribute artist/Elvis impersonator. Performing like Elvis has sent him to many places. He appeared several times on television in Holland, Belgium and Germany. In 2000 he ended 3:rd in The “Elvis of Europe” contest. Last year (2003) he joined the “Images Of The King” contest in Memphis, and he gave by special request 3 preformances at the Elvis presley boulevard shops.

  • www.thedutchking.com
  • Jeff Krick

    Jeff Krick - click here for a pic of his CDJeff Krick, who was born in Pennsylvania, has been performing professionally as an Elvis tribute artist for 14 years (when this was written). He started singing when he was a child, and has grown into a career as one of the top Elvis Presley tribute artist in the country.
    Click on the picture to the left to see the front cover of Jeff’s CD “Memories Of The Man & More”. I have this CD and I think it’s a really good tribute to The King. I especially like that he has included 4 songs Elvis never recorded himself (“God Bless The USA”, “I Like It, I Love It”, “Amazed” and “I Swear”). That makes a good mix.

  • http://jeffkrickandthetcb2review.netfirms.com
  • www.followthatdreamproductions.com/jeffkrick.htm
  • Jim Dilley

    Jim Dilley, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has released a Christmas album and a Gospel album under the independent “Triumph Record” label. He has also recently recorded an Elvis tribute album, with the famous Jordanaires in Nashville. For more information including sound samples, please visit Jim’s web site (link below).

  • www.jimdilley.com
  • Art Kistler

    Art Kistler is a professionally trained vocalist, experienced entertainer, and charter member of the Professional Elvis Impersonators Association of Las Vegas. In addition to singing, he’s a pianist, drummer and play a Fender electric bass guitar. Check out his web site for more information etc.

  • www.elvistributeartist.com
  • John Hackler

    John HacklerJohn is a 43 year old Elvis impersonator from Valparaiso Indiana. He has been doing Elvis shows for 10 years now. (when this was written in early 2005) He does the the 70’s era of Elvis career. He is also a fan of the singer and Elvis soundalike Jimmy Ellis. He has made a own 6-song CD, “Success Takes Courage – A Tribute To Orion Jimmy Ellis”. You can contact John at: valpoman_1999@yahoo.com or call: (219) 464-3895

  • no links found
  • Jim Smith

    Jim has been an Elvis fan for thirty five years, starting out as a teenager. His breakthrough was in 1976, while he was performing with the musical ministry at his church, as a drummer, he stepped forward to sing “Elvis” for a variety show and “Memories from Memphis” was born. For more info. about Jim and “Memories from Memphis”, please check out his web site. There you can also find pictures and audio samples.

  • http://jimksmith.com
  • Phil King

    Phil KingPhil King was born in Liverpool, UK. He has done lots of theatre work and also television. He then started singing on the road, supporting acts such as Gerry Marsden,Little and Large and Jimmy Cricket. The first time people heard Phil singing Elvis was on the Billy Butler show “Stars In There Eyes”. Then he entered “Great Britains Best Elvis in the 50’s” 2003, and won it. Since then the work hasn’t stopped and he has appeared on “G M T V”, “Lorraine Kelly” and “Stars and Their Doubles”, NBC in America. And also “Test The Nation” with Anne Robinson and Philip Schofield. Phil has joined with Roy Orbison played by Bob Baxter and Buddy Holly played by Craig Martin to make a show called “The American Legends”.

  • www.elvisphilking.com
  • Kirk Francois

    Kirk FrancoisElvis tribute artist from Brockville, Ontario, Canada. More comments coming later…

  • www.kirkfrancoistributetoelvis.50megs.com
  • Mystery Train

    “The Mystery Train Band is a big part of the Elvis world. They have been playing Elvis music for over 25 years, and have backed up countless Elvis impersonators including many who have gone on to great fame. And now, with the same committed members along with the addition of two new, highly talented and motivated musicians, Mystery Train has reunited to bring back the high quality, energetic Elvis entertainment that has not been seen in a very long time. Mystery Train is excited to once again be the ultimate Elvis band for all those great Elvis Tribute Artists who have chosen to showcase their talent by performing with a professional and knowledgeable band.” (Mystery Train, as described on their web site. Check ’em out!)

  • www.elvisband.com
  • Dean Lee Vegas

    Dean, from UK, is a newcomber to the Elvis tribute business. In January 2004 he entered the “Walk A Golden Mile In My Shoes” Elvis competition in Blackpool, and came 3rd. The event is the largest of it’s kind in Europe. Since then his act has gone from strength to strength. For more info. and audio clips, please check out his web site (listed below).

  • www.elvisshowtime.com
  • Harold Schulz

    Comment coming later… Check out the link below, home of “Elvis” and the Blue Suedes rockabilly band!

  • www.bluesuedeent.com
  • Jeff Marsh

    Jeff MarshJeff has always loved Elvis and had sang along with his records for many years. In 1997 he finally got up the nerve to sing in a karaoke bar, and performed his first song live, “Crying In The Chapel”. Now Jeff is a professional Elvis entertainer with Elvis costumes and everything. For more info., pictures etc., please check out his web site (the link below).

  • http://ca.geocities.com/memories_of_elvis/index.htm

  • Steve Adams

    Steve Adams was born in Middleton, Ohio and started singing professionally at age 17 with a group called Cheyenne. In 1989, Steve started out as a ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist), singing to pre-recorded music. One and a half years later he formed his own band, Kentucky Rain. For more info., pictures, audio samples etc., please check out their web site (the link below)

  • www.kentucky-rain.com
  • Tony Rome

    Tony was discovered by another Elvis tribute artist: Johnny Spence. Johnny was doing a show and called up Tony from the audience to the stage. He did “Jailhouse Rock” and “Heartbreak Hotel” and the crowd went crazy. Tony later got his first bookings, and was on his way in the music business. Tony now works with The Danca Brothers Band. This was just a very short biography. For more information, please check out Tony’s web site.

  • www.geocities.com/my_way_entertainment
  • Michael Conti

    Michael has starred as Elvis in the world famous “Legends In Concert” at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. He has performed with “Legends” in Singapore, the Bahamas, Myrtle Beach, Saint George, Puerto Rico to name a few places. He is also a talented actor. TV-series includes: “General Hospital” and “Santa Barbara”. Michael’s motion picture roles included “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Lock Up” (with Sylvester Stallone). For more information and a video clip, please check out the link below.

  • www.aceentertainmentinc.com/elvis.html
  • Stuart McLeod

    Stuart’s been performing Elvis for 14 years all over Canada. He started portraying the “68 Comeback” Elvis with the show “Elvis, Elvis, Elvis” and now he has his own show called “In Memory of the King”. Stuart never competed in “Elvis Competitons”, until 2002 when he entered the “Penticton Elvis Festival”, in Penticton BC. He did very well. He was 1st runner up, took Second Place. Danny Vernon took 1st place and Gino Monopoli took 3rd place that year. During the festival, the organizers decided they would award another prize to the “Top Canadian” tribute artist to represent Canada at the 25th Anniversary Show, Darwin Lamm, Editor of Elvis International, put on at the New Daisy Threatre during Elvis Week in 2002. Stuart was award this honour.

  • www.inmemoryoftheking.com
  • Matt Dollar

    Matt is featured in the national selling book “I am Elvis”, has been performing as Elvis since age 13, has traveled as far as Japan with his act and all over the country; in addition to performing in Nashville’s most elite clubs as Elvis, numerous TV interviews, commercials and shows. Matt astonishingly even sews his own Elvis jumpsuits creating replicas of the Kings, and has also made them for other Elvis Impersonators.

  • www.proentertainmentnashville.com/Elvis%202.html
  • www.usatalents.com/FArtist/default1.htm#elvis
  • Harvey McFadden

    Harvey McFaddenHarvey has been a professional Elvis Tribute Artist since 2001 and went full time in 2006. Was honored with the Spirit of Elvis Award at the Images of Elvis contest in West Monroe, LA ,in 2006. Placed third in the same contest in 2007. Over 1,200 career performances including 310 in 2009. Performed for Singapore’s First Elvis Fan Club in 2010. Harvey recently moved from the Houston area to near Abilene, TX, and continues to pay tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time – Elvis!

  • www.elvisisintexas.com new link
  • Joe Tirrito

    Joe has been performing his Tribute for about 20 years. In that time he has traveled to Japan, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Washington, DC, and Memphis to showcase his talents. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Geraldo Rivera Show, and was featured in the National Enquirer. You can listen to Joe sing at his web site.

  • www.joeelvistirrito.com
  • Michael O’Connor

    Michael O Connor pictureMichael portray Elvis in the years between 1968 to 1974. He has performed all around the country (USA). He has entertained in Las Vegas, he has performed at the Florida State Fair, and Canada, and have performed in front of crowds in excess of 17,000 people. He has been performing Elvis shows for over 20 years and just recently been ranked in the top 20 Elvis tribute artists in the world. Last year (2002) he opened for the music group “The Lettermen”, and did the 2002 Hilton Client Appreciation galla.
    Sound sample Michael O’Connor – Hurt (live)

  • www.worldclasselvis.com
  • www.elvislivestcb.com
  • www.reflectionsofalegend.com (same site as above)
  • Michael King

    Michael have recently been awarded the “Icon – Sacred Performance Award 2003” by the largest Elvis fan Club in America with regards to his live performances with The Jordanaires in Las Vegas. He’s the headliner for Europe’s largest Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and Convention (Walk A Golden Mile In My Shoes, Blackpool, U.K. January 2004). He also starred in “The Complete Aloha re-creation 2003”. You can get more info., check out pictures and listen to audio clips by visiting Michael’s web site.

  • www.elvismichaelking.com
  • Greg Jaqua

    An award winning entertainer, Greg Jaqua has been performing his Tribute To The King for over 15 years. Greg’s past clients include Google, Air Tran Airways, American Movie Classics, Charter Communications, and many more. Greg’s show is available for corporate events, private parties, festivals, fund raisers, car shows – nearly any kind of special event – anywhere in the United States.

  • http://www.DetroitElvis.com new link
  • Paige Poole

    30 Years as Singer/Entertainer/Impersonator! His web site has pictures, audio clips and scheduled events. He also has several CD’s for sale.

  • www.paigepoole.com
  • Louis Rockafella

    Elvis tribute artist from England.

  • www.louisrockafella.co.uk
  • Darren Rivers

    Darren Rivers as been performing has Elvis for over 5 years now and performed at all styles of venues from Working Men’s Clubs,Pubs,Five Star Hotels to BBC Television and also appeared on both Canadian and local radio stations, and has built up a good reputation and a following.

  • www.darrenrivers.com
  • John Jensen

    Rising star among Elvis performers. Check out the web site below for more information about John. His site also has audio clips.

  • www.elvis-shows.com
  • Donnie Roberts

    Donnie RobertsElvis impersonator from Texas, USA. On his web site you can read about Donnie, check out pictures and listen to him sing.

  • www.texaselvis.com
  • Steve Lobin

    Steve was a decorated police officer who made a hobby of Elvis impersonation. After a line of duty injury forced him to retire, he turned to his second love, Elvis impersonation, as a way to reach out to the public. He has appeared on the series Walker Texas Ranger, as well as several commercials, parades and other events. His stage name is L-Vis.

  • www.81x.com/L_Vis/home
  • Mike Viselli

    Mike was born and raised in Boston, MA. He started entertaining as a teenager in local theater acts and soon became influenced by the sounds of Elvis, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and many other legends. Mike has been seen on stage, television, radio and print but keep’s his sights focused primarily on performing as an Elvis impersonator. For more info., please check out his web site (below).

  • www.thekingreturns.com
  • Eddie Vee

    In 1994 Eddie set the World Record for Performing Elvis Songs: 228 in 12 hours and as a result was invited on to several TV Shows. In January 2004, he’ll attempt to make a new record in Elvis marathon singing at the Elvis convention in Blackpool, UK. For more information about Eddie, please check out his web site.

  • www.eddie-vee.com
  • Jimmy T.

    Jimmy T - click here for a bigger pictureJimmy decided to become an ETA the first time he saw Shawn Klush perform. From that moment on, he knew that he wanted to sing Elvis’s music. Jimmy had the pleasure of going to Elvis Week in Memphis 2002 for the 25th anniversary celebration and 2003 for the 26th anniversary of Elvis’s death. He also competed in the Images of Elvis Contest in 2003 in Memphis, TN. He also had the pleasure of having The Sweet Inspirations (Myrna Smith, Estelle Brown, and Portia Griffin) back him up while performing at a local hotel.

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JimmyTAsElvis/?yguid=142589308
  • Don Obusek

    Don is a Elvis Vegas-style entertainer that performes with exact replicas of Elvis jumpsuits and everything. He has performed at many different venues, and has appeared before various types of audiences – entertaining anywhere from small, private parties with 10 guests in attendance, to events such as an oldies concert at Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium, with 29,000 people in attendance. His web site has a nice video clip with Don singing on top of a building roof.

  • www.magicofelvis.com
  • Bob James

    Bob James is a native of Buffalo, NY and one of New York’s top Elvis impersonators. Bob has performed all over North America, including Niagara Falls, Miami Beach, Toledo, New Jersey, Laughlin, NV, Buffalo, Long Island, Montreal, New York City and Las Vegas. He was the winner of the 1st Annual “Reflection of The King Award” at the 2003 Elvissss Fest in Buffalo. The Elvis Show with Bob James is a Vegas-style show with all the jeweled jumpsuits, scarves for the ladies, and giveaways like teddy bears, and pink cadillacs! A guaranteed good time for all. Bob’s a member of the Professional Elvis Impersonators Association.

  • www.elvissss.com/james.htm
  • Martin Fox

    Martin Fox from UK has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, singing and performing his act at venues and concerts across the world. He is available for Appearances, Cabaret, Corporate Events, Concerts, Weddings, Private Parties, Shows and Photo shoots and previous clients include Benson & Hedges (Hamlet), Lever Brothers, Faberge, Orange, Sony, Ericsson, Fujifilm, Disney, ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel Five, CBS, CNN and LWT. His website includes many MP3 music sample available for download, photos and information on his next appearances.

  • www.elvis2k.co.uk
  • Andrew Howard

    Click here for a pic of Andrew and his bandAndrew Has done commercials for 10 10 Radio New York. WJLK NJ, He has appeared on News 12 New Jersey and the Lee Leonard Television Talk Show. Andrew was featured in April 2003 at the Lakewood Blue Claws Baseball Stadium where he had the oppurtunity to do a photo shoot for ” Coors Light Beer” Coors Light TV covers all Major NJ events. He Tours and performs live with his DJs Zanzibarmusic. He has been featured in Several newspapers across New Jersey. He like performing for Charity benefits and Police Benefits. He organizes the “Friends of Elvis Convention” That brings fans together once a year and donates a portion to “Presley Place”, a shelter in Tennessee.

  • www.geocities.com/elvisandrew33/elvistribute.html



    contador de visitas


    The best Elvis Presley impersonators in the world gathered, especially those who could not be meeting in Las Vegas or Memphis for Elvis week, putting his music and his style in the official station ETA set off with a big top ten artists and that evaluate the voice, style, and creativity, much of the hand with the influence of Presley in American popular music.
    This list is the best tribute to the King of rock, found with great surprise that the first place was taken by a Colombian named Marco Tulio Sanchez, who showed with the amount of songs in their repertoire had to be the Best for 1995 . Followed by a host of top talent.

    1. Marco, from Colombia
    2. Johnny Harra
    3. Dana McKay
    4. Jimmy Ellis
    5. Johnny Thompson
    6. Brian Childs from New Zeland
    7. Lou Vuto
    8. Robert Wong
    9. Trent Carlini
    10. Dean vegas from Canada




    the best great voice from southamerica: It is easy to understand as a South American artist managed to compress all the talent, the voice and the essence of an American artist. The best voice of Elvis Presley impersonators for 1995



    ELVIS PRESLEY IMPERSONATORS IN THE 90 s.The best Elvis Presley impersonators in the world gathered, especially those who could not be meeting in Las Vegas or Memphis for Elvis week, putting his music and his style in the official station ETA set off with a big top ten artists and that evaluate the voice, style, and creativity, much of the hand with the influence of Presley in American popular music.



    Dana McKay’s first tribute to Elvis in 1995 ranks third on the list among the most listened



    Appears in the fourth place of the most heard for 1995, the call orion continues its disctintive style and emerged from anonymity. All for the king of rock!



    Johnny Thompson as part of new imitators, but since the nineties, and played Elvis issues. Hata was 2007 that was part of the king’s court




    Since Brian took part in the competition of Wellington in New Zealand began his artistic career imitating Elvis. Despite having first place in Australia as the best tribute, only achievement being heard and occupy the sixth place among the best voices in the world.


    Lou on the job seven


    In 1980 Robert Wong, one of Hong Kong’s Vietnamese boat people, moved to a hostel in Cumbria with his family. All he can recall about his first months in England is switching on the radio for the first time. ‘It was Elvis Presley’s ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, ‘ he explains. ‘I’d grown up with the Chinese versions but listening to the real thing was a revelation.’

    A consuming obsession with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll followed. Robert, now 20, and his two elder brothers, James and Michael, spent their adolescence hoarding Elvis films and records, mimicking the songs, perfecting his twitching lip and inky-black quiff.

    Three years ago they started performing Elvis songs at their friend’s London restaurant, ‘Gracelands Palace’. With their unique blend of Chinese kitsch with cuisine, the Wong boys are gaining wider recognition. Last year they appeared on the Michael Barrymore Show.

    Their latest venture, ‘Elvis’s Palace’, opened last August in Stockport, Manchester, and is now so popular that customers are advised to book at least three weeks in advance. The restaurant is replete with tacky memorabilia and gold-framed images from rebellious teenager to bloated Vegas star.

    Above the porcelain bust of a plump, 70s Elvis (female fans pay tribute by covering it in lipstick kisses), framed photographs of the Wong boys with Barrymore smile down, under the headline ‘Wok ‘n’ Roll’.

    Yet, the tabloid puns and cliches belie the brothers’ devotion. ‘I just want to keep his memory alive,’ Michael says. Every detail is coloured by their obsession, not least the menu, with dishes called ‘The Wonder of Crabmeat and Sweetcorn Soup’ and ‘It Ain’t Nothing But a Crispy Aromatic Duck’.

    The restaurant seats more than 100 and ‘welcomes hen and bachelor parties’. This evening, the bachelors seem to have stayed at home, but the hens are out to party. By 11pm, the disco lights are on. Michael appears in a white-flared creation, designed by his mother and embroidered with sequins and tassels. He pouts and launches straight into ‘The Wonder Of You’.

    Within 20 minutes, one of the hen-parties reaches fever-pitch, its members standing on the tables and pulling up their tops. Hysteria mounts still further when one girl waves a black vibrator in the air. ‘The women can get really wild,’ Michael explains. He still remembers the time when a group of adoring females mobbed him, almost removing his trousers. Later, James appears, dressed as the younger 1950s version, gyrating to ‘Teddy Bear’. Both hen-parties roar with approval.

    Despite its amateurish moments there’s a bond between us all inspired by the feeling that we are witnessing a unique event. A 100 or so of us stand on our chairs, waving our arms in the air.

    The brothers end the show with ‘I Just Can’t Help Believing’, provoking a rapturous standing ovation. ‘I never used to get this reaction,’ admits Elvis impersonator Timothy Whittle, 28, perched on his chair at the front. ‘I’d like to say it’s just sex appeal, but they’ve got attitude as well.’

    Self-effacingly, Michael believes the adulation is not for him but the real Elvis. He is merely the medium. Has he ever imagined, just fleetingly, that he is the King? ‘There’s no way in the world that I or anybody could even be similar to him,’ he says, horrified. ‘There could only ever be one.’



    THE BEST VOICES!!!!!!!!

    The best Elvis Presley impersonators in the world gathered, especially those who could not be meeting in Las Vegas or Memphis for Elvis week, putting his music and his style in the official station ETA set off with a big top ten artists and that evaluate the voice, style, and creativity, much of the hand with the influence of Presley in American popular music.
    This list is the best tribute to the King of rock, found with great surprise that the first place was taken by a Colombian named Marco Tulio Sanchez, who showed with the amount of songs in their repertoire had to be the Best for 1995 . Followed by a host of top talent. Here is the list of all investigative:

    1. Marco, from Colombia
    2. Johnny Harra
    3. Dana McKay
    4. Jimmy Ellis
    5. Johnny Thompson
    6. Brian Childs from New Zeland
    7. Lou Vuto
    8. Robert Wong
    9. Trent Carlini
    10. Dean vegas from Canada
    Trent Carlini was born in Chicago, seven years after his parents immigrated to the United States from Italy. He became a Rock ‘n Roll fan at the young age of five, and at age ten, began playing guitar. Within a couple of years, music had become a major part of his life.

    Trent attended school in Italy. During his late teen years there, he produced a few records of his own music. With this accomplished, he moved back to the United States in 1987, making Florida his home. One could always find Trent, performing in local clubs!

    With the King’s death in 1977, Trent’s musical direction changed. He decided to devote himself to recreating the style of the man that had influenced his life so greatly. In 1988, Trent was chosen to star in the Annual Birthday Tribute to the King at the Star Plaza Theater in Indiana. Performing with such greats as the Jordanaires, the King’s own vocalists; J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Quartet; D.J. Fontana, the King’s drummer; Charlie Hodge, the King’s guitar man; and Joe Esposito, the King’s right-hand man and road manager, Trent was a hit! Due to overwhelming popular demand, Trent has returned to headline this show for the past ten years.

    In 1990, Trent Carlini was chosen “Entertainer with the Most King-like Charisma” at the Global Record’s Star Search Contest in Dallas, Texas. In 1992, “Legends in Concert” producer John Stuart saw a video of Trent and promptly flew him to Las Vegas where he was hired as the King for his production there. Trent brought his incredible vocal range and charisma to the stage, performing as the King until September 1996.



    Dean Vegas sang his first rendition of an Elvis song at his school play ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ he sang ‘Rubberneckin’ which was re-released in September 2003 and has since been put into Dean’s repertoire. Dean won the role of Conrad Birdie in the play. This was his first stage role EVER!

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